2019-04-18 Etienne CarriereCleanup some local variable initialization master ti_optee_client ti2019.01 ti2019.01-rc2 ti2019.01-rc3 ti2019.01-rc4 ti2019.01-rc5 ti2019.02 ti2019.02-rc1 ti2019.02-rc2 ti2019.02-rc3 ti2019.02-rc4 ti2019.03 ti2019.03-rc1 ti2019.03-rc2 ti2019.03-rc3 ti2019.03-rc4 ti2019.04 ti2019.04-rc1 ti2019.04-rc2 ti2019.04-rc3 ti2019.04-rc4 ti2019.04-rc5
2019-03-22 Victor Chonglibteec: fix clang build errors
2019-03-21 Etienne CarriereExplicitly initialize local variables
2019-03-20 Etienne Carrierelibteec: fix build warnings
2019-03-18 Etienne Carrierecmake: support BUILD_STATIC_LIBS/BUILD_SHARED_LIBS
2019-02-22 Joakim Bechdocs: Remove current docs and link to the new location
2019-02-07 Etienne CarriereMakefile: default install client libs and headers in...
2019-02-07 Etienne CarriereMakefile: install tee-supplicant in /usr/sbin by default
2019-01-23 Rouven Czerwinskiflags: add -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to support large... ti2019.00 ti2019.00-rc1 ti2019.00-rc2 ti2019.00-rc3 ti2019.00-rc4 ti2019.00-rc5 ti2019.01-rc1
2018-11-21 Fabian Hofmannlibteec: Makefile: Generate .so files the same way...
2018-11-19 Jerome Forissiertee_supplicant: gprof: fix compile error
2018-09-07 Jens Wiklandertee-supplicant: cmake: enable RPMB emulation by default
2018-08-27 Yongqin LiuMakefile and config.mk: remove export in config.mk
2018-08-17 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: add daemon mode (-d)
2018-08-10 Jerome ForissierDo not set -Werror by default
2018-08-10 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: rpmb.c: add __attribute__((fallthrough))
2018-08-10 Jerome Forissierlibteec: refactor _dprintf()
2018-08-10 Jerome Forissierbenchmark: fix computation of page address
2018-08-07 Yongqin LiuAndroid related files: changes to work with Treble...
2018-08-07 Yongqin LiuAndroid.mk & config.mk: move teec.log/teesupp.log under...
2018-07-05 Igor Opaniukbenchmark: fix compilation issues ti2018.03-rc3 ti2018.05 ti2018.05-rc1 ti2018.05-rc2 ti2018.05-rc3 ti2018.05-rc4 ti2018.05-rc5
2018-05-30 Joakim BechDo not export CMakeLists.txt when running install 3.2.0 3.2.0-rc1
2018-05-29 Joakim Bechlibteec: Fix incorrect SOVERSION number
2018-02-15 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: cast sizeof(x) to socklen_t 3.1.0 3.1.0-rc1
2018-02-08 Jens Wiklandertee-supplicant: fix gcc warning
2018-02-07 Joakim Bechcmake: Initial CMake support
2018-01-29 Igor Opaniuktee-supplicant: fix use of mem after it's freed
2018-01-17 Martin Jansalibteec/tee-supplicant: respect LDFLAGS set from distri... 3.0.0 3.0.0-rc1 ti2018.00 ti2018.00-rc1 ti2018.00-rc2 ti2018.00-rc3 ti2018.00-rc4 ti2018.00-rc5 ti2018.01 ti2018.01-rc1 ti2018.01-rc2 ti2018.01-rc3 ti2018.01-rc4 ti2018.02-rc1 ti2018.02-rc2 ti2018.02-rc3
2017-11-13 Jerome Forissierlibteec/Makefile: generate static library (libteec.a)
2017-10-16 l00176142tee-supplicant: REE fs open file with O_SYNC flag 2.6.0 2.6.0-rc1 ti2017.05 ti2017.05-rc4 ti2017.06 ti2017.06-rc1 ti2017.06-rc2 ti2017.06-rc3 ti2017.06-rc4
2017-10-05 Volodymyr Babchuktee_supplicant: add register memory feature
2017-10-05 Jens Wiklandertee_client_api: register user memory
2017-08-29 l00176142tee-supplicant: move TEEC_LOAD_PATH to Makefile ti2017.05-rc1 ti2017.05-rc2 ti2017.05-rc3
2017-08-29 Zeng Taotee_client_api: support calling libteec from cplusplus
2017-07-25 Igor Opaniukrpi3: fix unsupported exclusive access issue
2017-06-13 Marc Kleine... libteec/Makefile: create relative links to shared libra... 2.5.0 2.5.0-rc2 ti2017.03 ti2017.03-rc1 ti2017.03-rc2 ti2017.03-rc3 ti2017.03-rc4 ti2017.04 ti2017.04-rc1 ti2017.04-rc2 ti2017.04-rc3 ti2017.04-rc4
2017-06-13 Marc Kleine... Makefile: preserve links to libraries during make copy_...
2017-06-02 Jerome Forissierlibteec: benchmark cleanup 2.5.0-rc1
2017-06-01 Yves Leflochtee-supplicant: Report error on short buffer when loadi...
2017-06-01 James KungFix incorrect share memory size
2017-06-01 Ruslan PiasetskyiStorage: Added CFG_TEE_FS_PARENT_PATH config option
2017-05-31 Jerome ForissierReplace file permission symbolic values by octal numbers
2017-05-30 Igor OpaniukOP-TEE Benchmark
2017-05-30 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: FS: remove unused legacy RPC functions
2017-05-30 Jerome ForissierRemove leftovers of SQL FS
2017-05-23 Etienne Carrieresupplicant: use public rpc command ids
2017-05-23 Etienne Carrieresupplicant: define/describe reserved Ids for supplicant...
2017-05-22 Etienne Carriereclient api: fix ULONG_MAX dependency
2017-05-22 Lukasz Kostyratee_client_api: Correct max shared memory size define
2017-05-03 Zhizhou Zhangtee-supplicant: correct block device path for android
2017-04-27 Jens WiklanderRemove SQL-FS
2017-04-03 Ruslan PiasetskyiAndroid.mk: fix CFG_TEE_CLIENT_LOG_FILE checking ti2017.01 ti2017.01-rc1 ti2017.01-rc2 ti2017.01-rc3 ti2017.01-rc4 ti2017.02 ti2017.02-rc1 ti2017.02-rc2 ti2017.02-rc3 ti2017.02-rc4 ti2017.02-rc5 ti2017.02-rc6
2017-03-23 Jerome Forissierree_fs_new_opendir(): ignore empty directory 2.4.0
2017-03-01 Victor Chongtee_supplicant_android.mk: Add missing configs for... ti2017.00 ti2017.00-c4 ti2017.00-rc3 ti2017.00-rc4 ti2017.00-rc5 ti2017.00-rc6
2017-03-01 Victor Chongtee-supplicant: fix variable is used unitialized error
2017-03-01 Joakim BechUse the mode also in open_wrapper
2017-02-20 Jens Wiklandertee-supplicant: Add support for TCP/UDP iSocket interface
2017-02-20 Jens Wiklandertee-supplicant: spawn threads as needed
2017-02-20 Jens Wiklandertee-supplicant: support asynchronous supplicant requests
2017-02-07 Victor Chongtee-supplicant: Update TEEC_TEST_LOAD_PATH for Android ti2017.00-rc1 ti2017.00-rc2
2017-01-31 Andy Greenree fs rpc: open with best-effort allowing RO data fs
2017-01-24 Jerome ForissierAdd support for TA profiling (gprof)
2017-01-24 Jerome ForissierRename optee_msg_fs.h to optee_msg_supplicant.h
2017-01-23 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: disable warnings only for sql_fs.c
2017-01-04 Jerome ForissierAdd backward compatibility with older TA UUID format 2.3.0
2016-12-16 Jerome ForissierAllow O to be an absolute path
2016-12-09 Jens WiklanderFormat UUID strings correctly ti2016.06 ti2016.06-rc1 ti2016.06-rc2 ti2016.06-rc3 ti2016.06-rc4
2016-12-09 Jens WiklanderEncode UUID big endian
2016-12-07 Zoltan Kuscsiktee-supplicant: add missing unistd.h in tee_fs.h
2016-12-07 Victor ChongREADME: Replace toolchain URL with reference to toolcha...
2016-11-28 Jerome ForissierUpdate clean rules
2016-11-23 Jerome ForissierIntroduce BINDIR, LIBDIR, INCLUDEDIR and DESTDIR
2016-11-08 Etienne Carrierelibteec: sync tee.h with the linux kernel header file
2016-11-08 Etienne Carrierelibteec extension: TEEC_RegisterSharedMemoryFileDescrip...
2016-10-24 Jens WiklanderAdd new RPC FS functions with useful error codes
2016-08-31 Jerome Forissierbuild: print 'LINK' rather than 'LD' when $(LD) is... 2.2.0
2016-08-31 Jerome ForissierTravis: unset CC
2016-08-31 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: link with -lpthread
2016-08-31 Jerome ForissierTravis: build with CFG_SQL_FS=y
2016-08-31 Jerome ForissierAdd Android build for SQL FS
2016-08-31 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: implement SQL FS file operations
2016-08-31 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: add missing flags in conversion function
2016-08-31 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: move file operations and flags to their...
2016-08-31 Jerome Forissierlibsqlfs: fix sqlfs_proc_read()
2016-08-31 Jerome ForissierImport libsqlfs
2016-08-31 Jerome ForissierImport SQLite
2016-08-19 prime-zengAdd the missed login method
2016-08-19 prime-zengRemove the connection_method limit
2016-08-17 Jerome ForissierUse "make V=1" for verbose build 20160825-for-lmg
2016-08-05 David BrownTry loading TAs from another writable path
2016-07-28 Jerome ForissierAdjust error codes for TEEC_OpenSession() and TEEC_Invo...
2016-06-10 KrisCheck flags before allocating shared memory. 2.1.0
2016-04-08 Zoltan KuscsikFix compiler missing-field-initializers warnings
2016-04-08 Zoltan KuscsikFix return-type warnings with CLang
2016-04-08 Zoltan KuscsikAndroid: fix makefile compatibility
2016-04-08 Zoltan KuscsikAndroid: export public include dir
2016-04-08 Zoltan KuscsikAndroid.mk cleanup
2016-04-08 Zoltan KuscsikUse Android way for detecting Android builds
2016-03-22 Jens WiklanderSupport OP-TEE in generic TEE subsystem 2.0.0
2016-02-15 Jens Wiklandertee-supplicant: add TEE_RPC_LOAD_TA2