descriptionTexas Instruments OPTEE source and binary information.
last changeThu, 18 Apr 2019 11:31:02 +0000 (18:31 +0700)
2019-04-18 Etienne CarriereCleanup some local variable initialization master ti_optee_client ti2019.01 ti2019.01-rc2 ti2019.01-rc3 ti2019.01-rc4 ti2019.01-rc5 ti2019.02 ti2019.02-rc1 ti2019.02-rc2 ti2019.02-rc3 ti2019.02-rc4 ti2019.03 ti2019.03-rc1 ti2019.03-rc2 ti2019.03-rc3 ti2019.03-rc4 ti2019.04 ti2019.04-rc1 ti2019.04-rc2 ti2019.04-rc3 ti2019.04-rc4 ti2019.04-rc5
2019-03-22 Victor Chonglibteec: fix clang build errors
2019-03-21 Etienne CarriereExplicitly initialize local variables
2019-03-20 Etienne Carrierelibteec: fix build warnings
2019-03-18 Etienne Carrierecmake: support BUILD_STATIC_LIBS/BUILD_SHARED_LIBS
2019-02-22 Joakim Bechdocs: Remove current docs and link to the new location
2019-02-07 Etienne CarriereMakefile: default install client libs and headers in...
2019-02-07 Etienne CarriereMakefile: install tee-supplicant in /usr/sbin by default
2019-01-23 Rouven Czerwinskiflags: add -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to support large... ti2019.00 ti2019.00-rc1 ti2019.00-rc2 ti2019.00-rc3 ti2019.00-rc4 ti2019.00-rc5 ti2019.01-rc1
2018-11-21 Fabian Hofmannlibteec: Makefile: Generate .so files the same way...
2018-11-19 Jerome Forissiertee_supplicant: gprof: fix compile error
2018-09-07 Jens Wiklandertee-supplicant: cmake: enable RPMB emulation by default
2018-08-27 Yongqin LiuMakefile and remove export in
2018-08-17 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: add daemon mode (-d)
2018-08-10 Jerome ForissierDo not set -Werror by default
2018-08-10 Jerome Forissiertee-supplicant: rpmb.c: add __attribute__((fallthrough))
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