2019-04-16 Jerome ForissierIncrease stack size for GP TTA_Arithmetical TA master ti2019.01 ti2019.01-rc3 ti2019.01-rc4 ti2019.01-rc5 ti2019.02 ti2019.02-rc1 ti2019.02-rc2 ti2019.02-rc3 ti2019.02-rc4 ti2019.03 ti2019.03-rc1 ti2019.03-rc2 ti2019.03-rc3 ti2019.03-rc4 ti2019.04 ti2019.04-rc1 ti2019.04-rc2 ti2019.04-rc3 ti2019.04-rc4 ti2019.04-rc5
2019-04-15 Jerome ForissierGP: fix compile errors with calloc()
2019-04-12 Etienne Carrierextest: Explicitly initialize local variables
2019-04-12 Etienne CarriereTAs: explicitly initialize local variables
2019-03-05 Jerome Forissierregression 1008: adjust TA corruption test for CFG_ULIB...
2019-02-22 Joakim Bechdocs: Remove current docs and link to the new location
2019-02-11 André Draszikbenchmark_1000: fix compilation against musl (uint)
2019-02-11 André Draszikbuild: ignore declaration-after-statement warnings
2019-02-11 André Draszikfix compilation against musl (inttypes)
2019-02-11 André Drasziksock_server: fix compilation against musl (sys/errno.h)
2019-01-31 Jens Wiklanderxtest: add --stats applet
2019-01-31 Jerome Forissierregression: 4002: run MAC tests in multiple increments
2019-01-29 Oliver Chiangta/cryp_taf: correct return value
2019-01-22 Volodymyr Babchukcmake: locate files WRT to project home directory
2019-01-22 Etienne Carriereregression 6000: fix uninitialized local variables
2019-01-22 Etienne Carriereregression 4100: fix uninitialized local variable
2019-01-22 Etienne Carriereregression 4000: fix uninitialized local variable
2019-01-14 Jerome Forissierxtest --aes-perf: add -u option to process buffer in...
2019-01-14 Markus S. Wamserimprove xtest summary message
2019-01-14 Jens Wiklanderregression: split 4007 into key types
2018-12-21 Etienne Carriereregression 4011: correct potential overflow
2018-12-21 Etienne Carrierextest: prevent unexpected build warning with strncpy
2018-12-19 Jerome Forissierregression: 6010: add rename conflict case (with close)
2018-12-03 Jens Wiklanderta/os_test: remove mpa testbench
2018-12-03 Jens Wiklanderregression: add 41xx arithmetic tests
2018-12-03 Jens Wiklanderta/crypt: add arithmetic TAF wrappers
2018-11-22 Gabor Szekelyregression: 4006: add test for RSASSA no ASN.1
2018-11-12 Etienne Carrierecmake: component rely on C support
2018-11-08 Jerome Forissierregression: add case 1020 (lockdep)
2018-11-05 Yongqin LiuAndroid.mk: add required header files to LOCAL_ADDITION...
2018-09-04 Jassi BrarAndroid.mk : Fix compilation for build outside of source
2018-08-10 Jens Wiklanderregression_*.c: move ADBG_CASE_DEFINE()
2018-08-07 Yongqin LiuAndroid.mk: make xtest installed in the vendor partition
2018-07-31 Jerome ForissierReplace 32-bit libcrypto.a with version compiled for...
2018-06-25 Etienne Carrierexest: OpenSSL may be provided by the system 3.2.0
2018-06-21 Etienne Carrierextest: Makefile: fix OpenSSL dependency on GP test...
2018-06-13 Jerome Forissierregression: 4003: add AES CBC test 3.2.0-rc1
2018-06-07 Victor Chongta: os_test_lib: add aosp support
2018-06-07 Jerome Forissierregression: 4003: use bigger plain text in AES CTR...
2018-06-07 Jerome Forissierregression: 4003: add AES CTR test
2018-06-05 Jerome Forissierregression: add case 1019
2018-06-05 Jerome Forissierregression_1000.c: remove useless code
2018-06-05 Jerome ForissierRemove host/lib/armv{7,8}/libcrypto.a
2018-06-05 Jerome Forissierxtest: use imported OpenSSL
2018-06-05 Jerome ForissierAdd host/openssl/lib/{arm,aarch64}/libcrypto.a
2018-06-05 Jerome ForissierImport OpenSSL 1.2.0o header files into host/openssl...
2018-06-05 Jerome ForissierMove host/LICENSE to host/xtest/LICENSE
2018-05-31 Jerome Forissierregression: 4006: add test case for 4096-bit RSA
2018-05-31 Jerome Forissierregression: 4006: add test case for 3072-bit RSA
2018-05-30 Igor Opaniukcrypto: add test case for seeding RNG pool
2018-05-28 Jerome Forissierxtest: Makefile: link against OpenSSL if MBed TLS is...
2018-05-24 Jens Wiklanderregression: add case 8103
2018-05-24 Jens Wiklanderta/crypt: add TA_CRYPT_CMD_MBED_SIGN_CERT
2018-05-24 Jens WiklanderInitialize openssl if linked with it
2018-05-24 Jens Wiklanderregression: add case 8102
2018-05-24 Jens Wiklandercert: add some test certificates
2018-05-24 Jens WiklanderAdd scripts/file_to_c.py
2018-05-24 Jens Wiklanderta/crypt: add TA_CRYPT_CMD_MBED_CHECK_CERT
2018-05-24 Jens Wiklanderregression: add case 8101
2018-05-24 Jens Wiklanderta/crypt: add TA_CRYPT_CMD_MBED_SELF_TESTS
2018-05-24 Jens Wiklanderta/crypt: increase stack size
2018-04-26 Etienne Carrierextest storage: check that we can't use object_id from...
2018-04-20 Jens Wiklanderta: don't include host_include/conf.mk
2018-04-18 Jens Wiklanderos_test: remove global mempool
2018-04-18 Jens Wiklanderos_test: remove mempool dependency
2018-04-16 Jens Wiklanderregression: add case 1018
2018-04-16 Jens Wiklanderregression: add case 1017
2018-04-11 Jerome Forissierregression: 4003: add AES CTR test case 3.1.0
2018-02-27 Jens WiklanderCmake support for xtest only (not TAs) 3.1.0-rc1
2018-02-20 Melanie Favreregression 6000: fix buffer part compared in 6010 test.
2018-02-16 Etienne Carrierextest storage: can't use object_id from shared memory
2018-02-16 Jerome Forissierregression: 4003: merge *4003_xts() and *4003_no_xts()
2018-02-12 Igor Opaniukregression 1010: fix wrong printf format specifier
2018-02-09 Etienne Carriereregression 1010: crash TA with SHM memref passed as...
2018-02-02 Victor ChongAndroid.mk: workaround missing-field-initializers error
2018-02-02 Jerome Forissierxtest 6007: close and re-open object
2018-02-01 Jens WiklanderMove ta_storage.h to common location
2018-01-30 Jerome Forissierregression: 1006: test passing a NULL reference with...
2018-01-19 Jens Wiklander4003: add aes-ctr corner case 3.0.0 3.0.0-rc1 ti2018.00 ti2018.00-rc1 ti2018.00-rc2 ti2018.00-rc3 ti2018.00-rc4 ti2018.00-rc5 ti2018.01 ti2018.01-rc1 ti2018.01-rc2 ti2018.01-rc3 ti2018.01-rc4 ti2018.02-rc1 ti2018.02-rc2 ti2018.02-rc3
2017-12-14 Jerome ForissierReduce loop count in regression_1012
2017-12-07 Jens Wiklanderregression 1008: test with corrupt BSTA
2017-12-07 Jens Wiklanderregression 1008: remove load_fake_ta() test
2017-12-07 Jens Wiklanderregression: remove 9xxx test series
2017-12-07 Jens Wiklanderxtest: add --install-tas argument
2017-11-16 Jens Wiklanderregression: add case 1003 for mutex
2017-11-13 Jens Wiklanderregression: 4005: add NIST aes-gcm vectors
2017-11-13 Jens Wiklanderregression: 4005: improve test coverage
2017-11-13 Jerome Forissierxtest/Makefile: remove extra '@'
2017-11-09 Yongqin LiuAndroid.mk: change to use OPTEE_BIN instead of BUILD_OP...
2017-11-09 l00176142xtest storage: add case 6019 for storage independence
2017-11-02 Etienne Carrierextest storage: add a test case of creation of already...
2017-10-26 Etienne Carrierextest: deprecated bass_return_code
2017-10-26 Etienne Carrierextest: regression 1xxx: at least warn if test pseudo...
2017-10-26 Etienne Carrierextest 1014: minor beautification
2017-10-26 Jens WiklanderAdds AES-GCM performance test in aes-perf
2017-10-25 Etienne Carrierextest:sdp: fix a xtest crash if TEE is built without... 2.6.0 ti2017.05 ti2017.05-rc4 ti2017.06 ti2017.06-rc1 ti2017.06-rc2 ti2017.06-rc3 ti2017.06-rc4
2017-10-24 Etienne Carrierextest:sdp: support old ION API if new API fails
2017-10-18 Etienne Carrierextest/sdp: sync with ION udpates from linux kernel... 2.6.0-rc1
2017-10-17 Jens Wiklanderregression: add case 1002
2017-09-30 l00176142xtest: add -DTA_DIR to meet different requirement