descriptionPerformance Audio Framework (PAF)
last changeTue, 28 Nov 2017 15:53:24 +0000 (21:23 +0530)
2017-11-28 Chitresh GuptaAdded PAF compiler reference document. master DEV.DH.
2017-08-25 Chitresh GuptaUpdate for ch- <-> obj-based audio switching. DEV.DH.
2017-07-21 Chitresh GuptaAdded support for 16 Channels
2016-08-30 Chitresh GuptaAdded PAF Setup Guide.
2016-06-21 Chitresh GuptaOEM Sample Process Symbols. DEV.DH.
2016-06-21 Chitresh Guptamodified build command to avoid Pop-up window for ...
2016-06-17 Chitresh Guptaprintf removed and code clean up.
2016-06-06 Chitresh GuptaLog messages and trance added
2016-02-11 Frank LivingstonAdd document describing alpha commands added for DH2.0 DEV.DH. DEV.PASDK-
2016-02-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate software manifest
2016-02-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate for DHv1.2 full speaker support
2016-02-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate to allow transmission of multiple (up to 4)...
2015-06-10 Frank LivingstonAdd beta number for BMDA DEV.DH.
2015-03-01 Frank LivingstonFix typo in amix_mds_priv.h DEV.DH.
2015-03-01 Frank LivingstonAdd MD Deformatter
2015-01-22 Frank LivingstonUpdated based on os_paf_dev repo DEV.DH. DEV.PASDK-
3 years ago DEV.DH.
3 years ago DEV.DH.
4 years ago DEV.DH.
5 years ago DEV.PASDK- GA release of PAF v06.00.00.00...
5 years ago DEV.DH. DH2.0 release tag
5 years ago DEV.DH. Pre-release #2, patch #1 tag
5 years ago DEV.DH. Tag for command-line build
5 years ago DEV.DH. Pre-release tag
6 years ago DEV.PASDK- pre-release
6 years ago DEV.PASDK- Final update to before...
6 years ago DEV.PASDK- released on 140707
6 years ago DEV.PASDK- Release version tag
7 years ago DEV.PASDK- GA release of PAF v05.00.01.04
3 years ago master
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7 years ago chuck