descriptionPerl script that takes the PinMux Tool generic output (for AM57xx) and converts it to a device tree (in progress) or u-boot compatible format. The contents of this project must be freely shareable and redistributable.
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2019-04-08 Stefan ThorlaciusAdded pin ball name to the comment section master 1
2019-01-03 Ahmad RashedREADME and script updated to handle the alternate padco...
2017-07-26 Ahmad Rashedadded README file with example commands
2016-12-08 Brad GriffisSimplify options to remove specific u-boot version
2016-12-08 Brad GriffisFix 0x000c0000 output and add remaining
2016-12-08 Brad GriffisPut code in numerical order
2016-12-08 Brad GriffisFormatting
2016-12-08 Brad GriffisEliminate use of PIN_INPUT_SLEW
2016-12-08 Brad GriffisHandle DOS carriage returns
2016-12-08 Brad GriffisFrom Steve K
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