descriptionConsolidated central location of various TI firmware source and binary projects hosted previously in various locations.
last changeThu, 22 Oct 2020 08:48:33 +0000 (11:48 +0300)
2020-10-22 Tero Kristosec: skernel: allow invalidation of BTB with ICIALLU... master
2017-04-26 Dan Murphymakedefs: Fix issue with setting CHECK and VERBOSE
2017-04-24 Thanh Transec: add msmc_ses_mpax settings for PMMC
2016-12-13 Andrew F. Davisdocs: Update documentation for recent changes
2016-12-13 Andrew F. DavisMakefile: Use OBJROOT for build output to enable out...
2016-12-13 Andrew F. Davismakedefs: Move definition of OBJROOT to common file
2016-12-13 Andrew F. Davismake.rules: Fix quieting of mkdir command
2016-09-07 Andrew F. Davissoc: Move load address to end of MSMC
2016-09-07 Lokesh VutlaMakefile: Add support for mkimage header
2016-09-02 Andrew F. Davissec: skernel: Use correct number of cores for stack...
2016-09-02 Andrew F. Davissec: Move function declaration into the correct headers
2016-09-02 Andrew F. Davissec: Cleanup and fix minor whitespace issues
2016-09-02 Andrew F. DavisMakefile: Move non-secure image size definition to...
2016-09-02 Andrew F. DavisMakefile: Use start address defined in config.h
2016-09-02 KeerthyK2: Enable Hypervisor mode
2015-11-13 Tero Kristosec: fix build warnings with -Wall
20 months ago ti2019.03-rc1-android ti2019.03-rc1-android
20 months ago ti2019.03-rc1-rt ti2019.03-rc1-rt
20 months ago ti2019.03-rc1 ti2019.03-rc1
20 months ago v4.19.65 This is the 4.19.65 stable release
20 months ago v4.14.137 This is the 4.14.137 stable release
20 months ago v4.9.188 This is the 4.9.188 stable release
20 months ago v4.4.188 This is the 4.4.188 stable release
20 months ago v5.3-rc3 Linux 5.3-rc3
20 months ago v4.4.187 This is the 4.4.187 stable release
20 months ago v4.9.187 This is the 4.9.187 stable release
20 months ago v4.14.136 This is the 4.14.136 stable release
20 months ago v4.19.64 This is the 4.19.64 stable release
20 months ago v4.14.135 This is the 4.14.135 stable release
20 months ago v4.19.63 This is the 4.19.63 stable release
20 months ago v5.3-rc2 Linux 5.3-rc2
20 months ago v4.19.62 This is the 4.19.62 stable release
5 months ago master