descriptionConsolidated central location of various TI firmware source and binary projects hosted previously in various locations.
last changeThu, 22 Oct 2020 08:48:33 +0000 (11:48 +0300)
2020-10-22 Tero Kristosec: skernel: allow invalidation of BTB with ICIALLU... master
2017-04-26 Dan Murphymakedefs: Fix issue with setting CHECK and VERBOSE
2017-04-24 Thanh Transec: add msmc_ses_mpax settings for PMMC
2016-12-13 Andrew F. Davisdocs: Update documentation for recent changes
2016-12-13 Andrew F. DavisMakefile: Use OBJROOT for build output to enable out...
2016-12-13 Andrew F. Davismakedefs: Move definition of OBJROOT to common file
2016-12-13 Andrew F. Davismake.rules: Fix quieting of mkdir command
2016-09-07 Andrew F. Davissoc: Move load address to end of MSMC
2016-09-07 Lokesh VutlaMakefile: Add support for mkimage header
2016-09-02 Andrew F. Davissec: skernel: Use correct number of cores for stack...
2016-09-02 Andrew F. Davissec: Move function declaration into the correct headers
2016-09-02 Andrew F. Davissec: Cleanup and fix minor whitespace issues
2016-09-02 Andrew F. DavisMakefile: Move non-secure image size definition to...
2016-09-02 Andrew F. DavisMakefile: Use start address defined in config.h
2016-09-02 KeerthyK2: Enable Hypervisor mode
2015-11-13 Tero Kristosec: fix build warnings with -Wall
2 years ago ti2019.03-rc1-android ti2019.03-rc1-android
2 years ago ti2019.03-rc1-rt ti2019.03-rc1-rt
2 years ago ti2019.03-rc1 ti2019.03-rc1
2 years ago v4.19.65 This is the 4.19.65 stable release
2 years ago v4.14.137 This is the 4.14.137 stable release
2 years ago v4.9.188 This is the 4.9.188 stable release
2 years ago v4.4.188 This is the 4.4.188 stable release
2 years ago v5.3-rc3 Linux 5.3-rc3
2 years ago v4.4.187 This is the 4.4.187 stable release
2 years ago v4.9.187 This is the 4.9.187 stable release
2 years ago v4.14.136 This is the 4.14.136 stable release
2 years ago v4.19.64 This is the 4.19.64 stable release
2 years ago v4.14.135 This is the 4.14.135 stable release
2 years ago v4.19.63 This is the 4.19.63 stable release
2 years ago v5.3-rc2 Linux 5.3-rc2
2 years ago v4.19.62 This is the 4.19.62 stable release
20 months ago master