j721e: board-cfg: Drop MSMC cache size from 4MB to 3MB
[processor-firmware/system-firmware-image-gen.git] / Makefile
2019-07-09 Dan Murphylinux-firmware: Update am65x/j721e sysfw to v2019.06a ti2019.02-rc3
2019-06-27 Suman Annalinux-firmware: Update am65x/j721e sysfw to v2019.06 ti2019.02-rc2
2019-06-11 Andrew F. DavisMakefile: Fix HS builds by removing version reporting... ti2019.02-rc1
2019-06-10 Andreas Dannenberglinux-firmware: Update am65x/j721e sysfw to v2019.05
2019-06-10 Nishanth Menongen_its.sh: Add SIG version and build info into the...
2019-06-10 Andreas DannenbergMakefile: Allow for builds for multiple SoCs
2019-06-10 Nishanth Menoncommon.h: Move to be inside include folder
2019-06-10 Nishanth MenonMakefile: Use SoC variable to pick up relevant binaries...
2019-06-10 Nishanth MenonMakefile: Add -f to rm so that we can ignore nonexisten...
2019-06-10 Nishanth MenonMakefile: Drop the asm rule
2019-06-10 Andreas Dannenbergbuild: Default to use TI degenerate key for signing...
2019-06-10 Andreas Dannenbergbuild: Allow signing SYSFW with custom key on non-HS...
2019-05-08 Praneeth Bajjurilinux-firmware: Update am65x sysfw to v2019.04a ti2019.01 ti2019.01-rc3 ti2019.01-rc4 ti2019.01-rc5
2019-04-24 Andrew F. Davisbuild: Add support for HS devices
2019-03-18 Suman Annalinux-firmware: Update am65x sysfw to v2019.02
2018-11-06 Andrew F. Davislinux-firmware: Update am65x sysfw to v2018.10
2018-10-29 Andreas Dannenberglinux-firmware: Update am65x sysfw to v2018.09
2018-09-13 Andreas DannenbergIntroduce framework to build SYSFW and config data...