j721e: am65x: sec-cfg: Add otp_config section
[processor-firmware/system-firmware-image-gen.git] / soc / j721e /
2020-01-22 Nikhil Devshatwarj721e: am65x: sec-cfg: Add otp_config section
2019-08-29 Lokesh Vutlabuild: Add support for enabling sysfw traces
2019-08-13 Nikhil DevshatwarHACK: j721e: rm-cfg: Use HOST_ALL for ethernet firmware... ti2019.03 ti2019.03-rc2 ti2019.03-rc3 ti2019.03-rc4
2019-08-12 Nikhil Devshatwarj721e: rm-cfg: Partition GPIO interrupt router
2019-07-31 Vignesh Raghavendraj721e: rm-cfg: Add resources for secure context of...
2019-07-11 Andreas Dannenbergj721e: board-cfg: Drop MSMC cache size from 4MB to 3MB ti2019.02 ti2019.02-rc4
2019-07-08 Nikhil Devshatwarj721e: rm-cfg: Start MAIN_0_R5_2 Tx and Rx at same...
2019-07-08 Nikhil Devshatwarj721e: rm-cfg: Updated 2019.02 RM config
2019-06-10 Andreas DannenbergIntroduce initial J721E EVM support