audio-preprocessing-fw: update makefile
[processor-sdk/audio-preprocessing.git] / file_demo_bios / k2g / build / makefile
2017-05-25 Ming Weiaudio-preprocessing-fw: update makefile
2017-03-21 Ming WeiMerge pull request #1 in PROCESSOR-SDK/audio-preprocess... DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2017-02-07 Ming Weifile_demo_bios: move the CCS project file into ccs...
2017-01-18 Ming Weifile_demo_bios: update makefile
2016-12-27 Ming Weifile_demo_bios/k2g: move the shared code to common...
2016-09-14 Ming Weiaudio-preprocessing-fw: change makefile to remove the... DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-08-03 Ming Weiupdate makefile for Linux and delete makefile for sysbios DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-08-03 Ming Weiupdate the makefile for Linux DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-07-22 Ming Weiupdate global environment variable settings
2016-07-19 Ming Weiupdate the demo directory path