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2017-01-18 Ming Weifile_demo_bios: update makefile
2017-01-18 Ming Weifile_demo_bios: use DRC processing to replace the VAD
2017-01-18 Ming Weirealtime_demo_bios: change project name to K2G_bf_rt...
2017-01-18 Ming Weirealtime_demo_bios: fix the "gmake|make clean" error
2017-01-18 Ming Weirealtime_demo_bios: add the DRC support
2017-01-17 Ming Weirealtime_demo_bios: add 16Khz option
2017-01-12 Ming Weirealtime_demo_bios: bug fix
2017-01-10 Ming Weirealtime_demo_bios: update the makefile
2017-01-04 Ming Weiaudio-preprocessing-fw: change real time demo to use...
2016-12-29 Ming Weiadd realtime_demo_bios/k2g for CMB DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-12-27 Ming Weifile_demo_bios/k2g: add the 7-mics (CMB) support
2016-12-27 Ming Weifile_demo_bios/k2g: update the CCS project files
2016-12-27 Ming Weifile_demo_bios/k2g: move the shared code to common...
2016-11-17 Ming Weifile_demo_bios: remove readme.txt and CCXML files DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-09-14 Ming Weiaudio-preprocessing-fw: change makefile to remove the... DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-09-14 Ming Weiaudio-preprocessing-fw: Add TI license header; remove...
2016-08-05 Ming Weiadd build/components folder to fix the makefile build... DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-08-03 Ming Weiupdate makefile for Linux and delete makefile for sysbios DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-08-03 Ming Weiupdate the makefile for Linux DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-07-29 Ming Weifix the svd_size uninitialized bug DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-07-29 Ming Weiupdate the BIOS makefile to use the defined paths
2016-07-29 Ming Weiupdate readme files and makefile.libs to use audio... DEV.AUDIO_PREPROC.
2016-07-22 Ming Weiupdate global environment variable settings
2016-07-19 Ming Weiupdate the demo directory path
2016-07-12 Ming WeiAdd port the BIOS version of noise-reduction demo to K2G
2016-06-29 Ming WeiUpdate readme.txt files. Add doc for file based room...
2016-06-29 Ming WeiMade the file_demo independent from the VOLIB install...
2016-06-29 Ming WeiUpdate the GEL file, readme.txt files and directory...
2016-06-28 Ming WeiUpdate readme.txt files and the CCXML file
2016-06-28 Ming Weifile_demo: removed un-used file
2016-06-28 Ming WeiResturcture the GIT repository for noise reduction...
2016-06-10 Ming WeiInitial version