descriptionProject for various Processor-SDK related git repositories - GStreamer plugin to dispatch tasks to C66x DSP cores.
last changeThu, 2 Mar 2017 16:25:34 +0000 (11:25 -0500)
2017-03-02 Vivek Chengalvalaallocate canny variables from stack master
2016-03-24 Djordje SenicicRemove debian folder
2016-03-23 Djordje Senicicdebian files changed from 0.10 version to 1.0 - NOT...
2016-03-23 Djordje SenicicRemove commented, unused code
2016-03-23 Djordje SenicicUse BSD COPYING file
2016-03-23 Djordje SenicicCopyright cleanup - fix so we have BSD licensing banners
2016-03-23 Djordje SenicicAdd arbkernel type (user defined - as an example pointi...
2016-03-23 Djordje SenicicAdd canny kernel
2016-03-23 Djordje SenicicAdd conv5x5 kernel
2016-03-23 Djordje SenicicCode cleanup
2016-02-27 Djordje SenicicFix version of GST common submodule (certain functions...
2016-02-27 Djordje SenicicAdd Makefile-s in kernels and oclconv folders, not...
2016-02-27 Djordje SenicicAdd OpenCL video kernels for median and sobel img proce...
2016-02-27 Djordje SenicicGST plugin skeleton files added. Actual OpenCL kernel...
2016-02-27 Djordje SenicicAdding readme file
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