2017-10-24 Hangbin Liuphc2sys: update '-s' option master
2017-10-16 Miroslav Lichvarsk: don't leak socket when reading of IB GUID fails.
2017-10-14 Richard CochranAdd compile time sanity check for interface name lengths.
2017-10-14 Miroslav Lichvarphc_ctl: fix adj command to accept negative offset.
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuport: return timestamping iface in port properties
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuphc2sys: re-create clock clkid and servo when phc index...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuphc2sys: split servo_add from function clock_add
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liutransport: pass struct interface to transport_open
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuptp4l: use ts label to get ts info
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuclock: add clock_required_modes to obtain the required...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuport: update port link_status to enum
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liurtnl: add function rtnl_get_ts_label to get interface...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liurtnl: update function rtnl_link_status to get bond...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liurtnl: update rtgenmsg to ifinfomsg when request link...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuport: track interface info in port
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuconfig: add new element ts_label in struct interface
2017-09-01 Miroslav Lichvarphc2sys: fix handling of multiple state changes.
2017-08-23 Richard CochranRemove redundant test on the UTC flags.
2017-08-23 Richard CochranLatch the UTC offset.
2017-08-23 Richard CochranSimplify UTC tracking.
2017-08-10 Feras Daoudptp4l: Add IPoIB interface support for ptp4l
2017-07-13 Hangbin Liuclock: remove hash table index2port
2017-07-13 Hangbin Liuclock: remove rtnl fd on clock
2017-07-13 Hangbin Liuport: add FD_RTNL event to track per-port status
2017-07-13 Hangbin Liurtnl: replace obsolete RTMGRP_LINK with RTNLGRP_LINK...
2017-06-23 Hangbin Liuphc2sys: free clock device when exit
2017-06-19 Cliff Spradlin... phc2sys: Add described device to stats output
2017-06-19 Brian Olsonadded workaround for ticks being returned as zero from...
2017-06-19 Brian Olsonfixed include order to work around issue on RHEL 6.6
2017-05-30 Richard CochranFix build when using uClinux.
2017-05-25 Hangbin Liupmc: goto out when get unknown management tlv
2017-05-21 Petr Kulhavypmc: optimize duplicated code in do_set_action()
2017-05-21 Richard Cochranclock: Fix poor snprintf() handling.
2017-05-21 Richard CochranMerge 'tsproc' branch allowing clock synch. after jump.
2017-05-15 Petr KulhavyFix detection of clock_adjtime
2017-05-15 Petr KulhavyRemove conflicting netinet/ether.h
2017-05-15 Stephen Walkerutil: Fix unknown time_t types with musl-libc builds
2017-05-12 Hangbin Liumsg: use last_tlv if there is not enough room for anoth...
2017-05-07 Florian Fainelliudp: Avoid including netdb.h
2017-04-08 Richard Cochrantsproc: Allow clock synchronization immediately after...
2017-04-08 Richard Cochrantsproc: Clarify the internal mode handling.
2017-04-08 Richard Cochrantsproc: Track the validity of the filtered delay explic...
2017-04-08 Burkhard Ilsenport: sequence of nrate and peer_delay calculation
2017-04-06 Burkhard Ilsenservo: NULL pointer check for servo constructors
2017-03-29 Miroslav Lichvarphc2sys: don't synchronize clock to itself.
2017-02-14 Miroslav LichvarFix leaks of sockets on errors.
2017-02-05 Richard Cochranclock: Force a BMC election when a port link goes down.
2017-02-05 Richard Cochranport: Change port_dispatch() into a void function.
2017-02-05 Miroslav Lichvartimemaster: check support for SW time stamping.
2017-02-05 Miroslav Lichvartimemaster: tag ptp4l and phc2sys messages.
2017-02-05 Miroslav LichvarAdd options to tag ptp4l and phc2sys log messages.
2017-02-05 Viliam Lejcikptp4l: Make UTC offset configurable.
2017-01-08 Richard Cochranfsm: Make the transition out of INITIALIZING part of...
2017-01-08 Richard CochranDisentangle initialization from fault clearing.
2017-01-08 Richard CochranMake the fault handling code more readable.
2017-01-08 Richard CochranChange a misleading fault handling function signature.
2017-01-08 Richard Cochranport: Make the finite state machine into a function...
2017-01-08 Miroslav LichvarUpdate TAI-UTC offset
2016-12-13 Richard Cochranptp4l: Document the "long" command line options in...
2016-12-13 Richard Cochranconfig: Fix bitwise copy-and-pasto for command line...
2016-12-09 Richard CochranAdd an acknowledgment in the readme for Exablaze.
2016-12-06 Richard Cochranmakefile: Make the 'clean' target conform to standard...
2016-12-06 Richard Cochranptp4l: Accept any configuration option as a command...
2016-11-04 Richard CochranVersion 1.8 v1.8
2016-10-19 Richard Cochranclock: Monitor the link status using a RT netlink socket.
2016-10-16 Richard Cochranport: Provide methods to set and get the link status.
2016-10-16 Richard Cochranclock: Remember each port's interface index.
2016-10-16 Richard Cochranclock: Fix coding style within a helper function.
2016-10-16 Richard Cochranclock: Remove stray semicolon.
2016-10-16 Richard Cochransk: Add a method to obtain a socket for utility purposes.
2016-10-16 Richard Cochranrtnl: Introduce RT netlink sockets.
2016-10-16 Richard Cochranclock: Remove cruft from the creation method.
2016-10-16 Richard CochranFix regression in one-step configuration.
2016-08-03 Richard Cochranport: Fix input to the BMC for forming the spanning...
2016-07-21 Richard CochranVersion 1.7 v1.7
2016-07-16 Miroslav Lichvartimemaster: ignore failures of non-essential processes.
2016-07-16 Miroslav Lichvartimemaster: add option to specify first SHM segment.
2016-07-16 Miroslav Lichvartimemaster: allow arbitrary options in server/refclock...
2016-07-12 Jesuiter, Henry... Introduce options to set DSCP values in PTP messages.
2016-07-12 Jesuiter, Henry... Fix data type for return value of vasprintf()
2016-07-07 Richard Cochranuds: Prevent unintentional announce message timeouts.
2016-07-03 Richard CochranFix the man page regarding the '-p' option.
2016-04-03 Richard CochranLet the clock code figure the PHC index.
2016-04-03 Richard Cochranclock: specify type at creation time.
2016-04-03 Richard Cochranconfig: count the interfaces as they are added.
2016-04-03 Richard CochranPerform the time stamping mode check in the clock module.
2016-04-03 Richard Cochranclock: offer a method to get the first port in the...
2016-04-03 Richard Cochranclock: offer a method to get the type rather than the...
2016-04-03 Richard CochranMove the clock type enumeration into the clock header.
2016-04-03 Richard Cochranclock: remove redundant parameter from the create method.
2016-04-03 Richard Cochranclock: simplify the create method.
2016-04-03 Richard Cochranconfig: get the time stamp information early.
2016-04-03 Richard Cochranprint: add missing include directive.
2016-04-03 Richard Cochranfault: protect header against multiple inclusion.
2016-04-03 Richard CochranProperly initialize the message lists.
2016-04-03 Richard Cochrantsproc: Fix time stamp handling with P2P one shot mode.
2015-11-20 Miroslav Lichvartsproc: allow zero remote timestamps in delay update
2015-11-01 Wolfgang WallnerFix typo in manpage of ptp4l
2015-09-19 Richard CochranVersion 1.6 v1.6
2015-09-17 Libor PechacekUpdate UTC offset