descriptionProject for various Processor-SDK related git repositories - A fork of open source linuxptp repo, to add support for PTP functionality for TI devices.
last changeTue, 24 Oct 2017 20:51:48 +0000 (13:51 -0700)
2017-10-24 Hangbin Liuphc2sys: update '-s' option master
2017-10-16 Miroslav Lichvarsk: don't leak socket when reading of IB GUID fails.
2017-10-14 Richard CochranAdd compile time sanity check for interface name lengths.
2017-10-14 Miroslav Lichvarphc_ctl: fix adj command to accept negative offset.
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuport: return timestamping iface in port properties
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuphc2sys: re-create clock clkid and servo when phc index...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuphc2sys: split servo_add from function clock_add
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liutransport: pass struct interface to transport_open
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuptp4l: use ts label to get ts info
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuclock: add clock_required_modes to obtain the required...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuport: update port link_status to enum
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liurtnl: add function rtnl_get_ts_label to get interface...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liurtnl: update function rtnl_link_status to get bond...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liurtnl: update rtgenmsg to ifinfomsg when request link...
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuport: track interface info in port
2017-10-14 Hangbin Liuconfig: add new element ts_label in struct interface
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