remoteproc: zynqmp_a53: vdev/vrings share the same IPI
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2016-12-12 Wendy LiangUse meta-openamp to build Linux Userspace OpenAMP
2016-10-17 Wendy LiangUpdate README for the OpenAMP on top of libmetal
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangUpdate README for the OpenAMP
2015-09-08 Cyril ChemparathyMerge pull request #10 from cyrilchemparathy/master
2015-09-08 Cyril ChemparathyRewrap and add link to mailing list.
2015-08-06 arvindraghuramanImproving the readme text document present in the landi...
2014-11-27 eanjumRemoving Nucleus references from OpenAMP repo. Document...
2014-10-10 eanjumUpdate
2014-10-10 eanjumUpdate
2014-10-10 eanjumInitial commit