Apps: zynqmp: Add API to get rsc table
[processor-sdk/open-amp.git] / apps / machine / zynqmp_r5 /
2016-10-14 Wendy LiangApps: zynqmp_r5: Add API to get rsc table
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangNot use remoteproc_plat in ZynqMP R5 apps helpers
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: update zynqmp example
2016-10-13 Sam Sortaiscleanup: const definition, unused includes,...
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: platform info: ZynqMP r5: update IPI info
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: platform init: ZynqMP r5: use libmetal dev
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangapp: Update init data def due to hil_proc change
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangapps: zynqmp r5: remove extra remoteproc information
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: add list node in platform info new hil_proc
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRemove Makefile
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangUse CMake for compilation
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangzynqmp_r5: remove IPI handler
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangSplit zynqmp_r5 machine.c