Not use remoteproc_plat in ZynqMP apps helper functions
[processor-sdk/open-amp.git] / apps / system / generic /
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangNot use remoteproc_plat in ZynqMP R5 apps helpers
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: update zynqmp example
2016-10-13 Sam Sortaiscleanup: const definition, unused includes,...
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: ZynqMP R5: specify full linker script option
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: Zynq: Update to use libmetal I/O and device
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangUpdate CMake files to compile OpenAMP for Linux
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: generic: ZynqMP R5: use libmetal ISR
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: platform init: ZynqMP r5: use libmetal dev
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: generic: Zynq7: add cleanup API
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangApps: generic: ZynqMP R5: add cleanup API
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangZynqMP_R5: Add support to out of repo libxil
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRemove Makefile
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangUse CMake for compilation
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangSplit zynqmp_r5 machine.c
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangzynq7: split the machine.c/.h
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangapps:generic:zynq7:correct common app source files
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangapps:generic:zynq7: add remotproc master support
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangapps:generic:zynq7: Add ACRH_CFLAGS to CFLAGS
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangapps:generic:zynqmp_r5: Add Makefile.include
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangAdd zynq7 apps common Makefile.include
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangfix warning of redefining __section
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove apps/common/system to apps/system