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zynq_remoteproc: solve the atomic warning
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2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove Zynq7 generic system implementation
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove ZynqMP R5 system/machine specific files
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangenv: introduce OpenAMP debug
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangOpenAMP: env: remove unused env funcitons
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangUse uintptr_t for firmware addr
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangrpmsg proxy: Use hil_proc poll to wait
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangAdd hil_proc poll()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove llist from the library
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangvirtqueue: Add shared memory I/O region
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace llist rpmsg buf with libmetal scatter/gather...
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangAdd remoteproc platform APIs
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangAdd metal device and I/O region to hil_proc
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangIntroduce hil_proc rsc header and rsc data struct
2016-10-13 Edgar E. Iglesiasremoteproc: Add support for peers without firmware
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangremoteproc: remove ipi deinit function
2016-10-13 Wendy Lianghil_proc: Use logical address in proc_vring
2016-10-13 Wendy Lianghil_proc: initialize with proc->ops->initialize()
2016-10-13 Wendy Lianghil_proc: introduce release()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove hil_get_cpuforfw()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangMake platform data as remote proc init input
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangAdd initialize() hil_proc API
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangrproc init: remove system init
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangrpmsg_init: caller to control whether to init env
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace llist with metal_list for rpmsg endpoint
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace llist with metal_list for rpmsg channels
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangport hil_proc to use metal_list
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangreplace env_print with printf
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove OpenAMP env_print and env_assert
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangIntroduce RPMSG_ASSERT
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove memory barrier definition from OpenAMP env
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove env_strncmp()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove env_strcmp()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove env_strncpy()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove undefined env_strcpy()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove undefined env_strlen()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove env_memcpy()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove env_memset()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove env_init()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangRemove OpenAMP env mutex implementation
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace ENV mutex with the libmetal mutex
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangshared mem: fix the get first zero bit function
2016-09-22 Simon BrummerFixed cast to (void *) preventing error free compilatio...
2016-07-01 Edgar E. Iglesiasvirtio: Redefine vring_avail_event
2016-07-01 Wendy LiangUse standard types in resource table
2016-07-01 Wendy Liangrpmsg.h: move code to maximize match against Linux
2016-07-01 Wendy LiangRemove redundant checking in rpmsg send
2016-07-01 Wendy Liangrpmsg.h: remove leading space of function declare
2016-07-01 Cyril ChemparathyUse standard types in rpmsg
2016-04-21 Wendy Liangchange rpmsg error base v2016.04
2016-04-21 Wendy LiangAdd env_assert() API
2016-04-20 Michal Princ (NXA1... Add missing #else statement into the compiler.h
2016-04-19 Michal Princ (NXA1... Change the NXP copyright to Freescale
2016-04-11 Michal Princ (NXA1... Fix double free, occurs if a channel destroyed callback...
2016-03-07 Sam Sortaisrm compilation warnings, clean comments, file rename
2016-03-05 Sam Sortaisinvalidate cache instead of disabling
2016-03-05 Sam Sortaiszynqmp: drivers use platform_isr instead of hil_isr
2016-03-01 Michal Princ (NXA1... Avoid using zero length arrays in sh_mem_pool structure
2016-02-18 Michal Princ (NXA1... Avoid using zero length arrays in rpmsg_hdr struct
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangzynqmp_r5: remove IPI handler
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangSplit zynqmp_r5 machine.c
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangzynq7: split the machine.c/.h
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangUse lib/ for source files for OpenAMP library