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rpmsg: remote_device: notify remote it's resetted in ready().
[processor-sdk/open-amp.git] / lib / rpmsg / remote_device.c
2017-02-03 Wendy Liangrpmsg: remote_device: notify remote it's resetted in...
2017-02-03 Wendy Liangrpmsg: remote_device: use hil_vdev_notify for remote_de...
2017-02-03 Wendy Liangrpmsg: use hil_free_vqs to delete virtqueues
2017-02-03 Wendy Liangrpmsg: remove setting remote dev active from remote...
2017-02-03 Wendy Liangrpmsg: rdev_init: do not create rpmsg channels before...
2017-02-03 Wendy Liangrpmsg: remote_dev: add API to check if remote is ready
2017-02-03 Wendy Liangrpmsg: remote_device: virio ops: get/set actual vdev...
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangupdate hil_proc not to add new user data struct
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace alloc/free memory with the libmetal APIs
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangUse libmetal_memset/memcpy_io for device memory
2016-10-13 Wendy Liangvirtqueue: Add shared memory I/O region
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace llist rpmsg buf with libmetal scatter/gather...
2016-10-13 Wendy Lianghil_proc: Use logical address in proc_vring
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangMake platform data as remote proc init input
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace llist with metal_list for rpmsg endpoint
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace llist with metal_list for rpmsg channels
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace env_strncmp() wisth strncmp()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace env_memset() with memset()
2016-10-13 Wendy LiangReplace ENV mutex with the libmetal mutex
2016-04-19 Michal Princ (NXA1... Change the NXP copyright to Freescale
2016-04-11 Michal Princ (NXA1... Fix double free, occurs if a channel destroyed callback...
2016-03-07 Sam Sortaisrm compilation warnings, clean comments, file rename
2016-02-18 Michal Princ (NXA1... Fix the way the create endpoint function returns the...
2016-02-12 Michal Princ (NXA1... Avoid memory leak in rpmsg_init()
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangUse lib/ for source files for OpenAMP library