2016-02-09 Wendy Liangapps:generic:zynq7: add remotproc master support
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangAdd linux_firmware sample app for zynq7
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRemove unused directory apps/firmware
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangapps:generic:zynq7: Add ACRH_CFLAGS to CFLAGS
2016-02-09 Wendy Lianggeneric: zynqmp_r5: allow extern generic headers
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangapps:generic:zynqmp_r5: Add Makefile.include
2016-02-09 Wendy Lianggeneric:zynqmp_r5:remoteproc: include machine.h
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRestruct obsolete directory
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove func_test_suite to directly under apps/
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove rpc_demo to directly under apps/
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove matrix_multiply/ to directly under apps/
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove echo_test directly under apps/
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangapps: Update Makefile
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangAdd zynq7 apps common Makefile.include
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangfix warning of redefining __section
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove apps/common/system to apps/system
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove the resource tables to common
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangremove MASTER macro
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangAdd REMOTERPROC_MASTER
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRemove OPENAMP_BAREMETAL
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangUse lib/ for source files for OpenAMP library
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove porting/system/ to system/
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove libs/ to obsolete/
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRemove unused zynq7 Makefiles
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangleave xil_standalone_lib only in the zynqmp_r5 extra...
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove files in common/*/ directly under common/
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove linker scripts to apps/
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRename baremetal to generic
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMerge platform.h and baremetal.h
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRemove including platform.h from platform_info.c
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMakefile.commons:Set default OpenAMP home dir
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove zynqmp_r5 baremetal.c to OpenAMP lib
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangInclude zynq7 baremetal.c in the OpenAMP lib
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangInclude proxy lib into OpenAMP lib
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRename zc702evk to zynq7
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRename zynqMP_r5 to zynqmp_r5
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRemove unused Makefiles
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove platform_info.c to apps
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangzc702evk: rename remoteproc file platform.c
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangzynqMP_r5:rename remoteproc file platform.c
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangIntroduce system
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangIntroduce machine
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangzc702evk: baremetal.h: remove internal function from...
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangbaremetal.h: remove mem barrier define
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMakefile.commons:Set default OpenAMP home
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove Makefile.commons.XXX to OS/platform directory
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangzynqMP_r5: move get processor info and fw function...
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove platform specific implementation out of bm_env.c
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangkeep zynqMP_r5 remoteproc implementation in platform.c
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangKeep zynq remotproc implementation in platform.c
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangMove headers to include/
2016-02-09 Wendy Liangmove porting/config to common/firmware
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRemove isr from porting/config/config.h
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangRemove firmware from gitignore
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangCovert to Linux indentation
2016-02-09 Wendy LiangCovert to Linux file format
2016-02-04 Michal Princ... Packed macros renaming
2016-01-27 Michal Princ... Introduce packet struct macros for supported compilers
2016-01-01 Wendy Liangproxy dev driver: set driver data before send msg to...
2016-01-01 Wendy LiangMove memory barrier define from bm_env.c to baremetal.h
2015-12-09 Wendy Liangporting: zynqMP_r5: correct copyright
2015-09-09 Feng WeiUse stdint.h instead of private definition
2015-09-09 Wendy Liangporting: zynMP_r5: run wmb() before kick
2015-09-09 Wendy Liangporting: zynqMP: update IPI APU mask
2015-09-09 Wendy LiangMakefile: Update to use armr5 toolchain
2015-09-09 Wendy Lianglibs:zynqMP_r5:baremetal.h: remove IPI Intr ID
2015-09-09 Wendy Lianglibs:zynqMP_r5:baremetal: Add xil_mpu.h to includes
2015-09-08 Cyril ChemparathyMerge pull request #10 from cyrilchemparathy/master
2015-09-08 Cyril ChemparathyRewrap and add link to mailing list.
2015-08-12 Kinjal Pravinbhai... R5: modified xil_standalone lib and baremetal.c to...
2015-08-12 Kinjal Pravinbhai... R5: added xdebug.h file to xil_standalone lib
2015-08-12 Edgar E. Iglesiasbaremetal slave ZynqMP RPU demos: Remove calls to zynqM...
2015-08-12 Edgar E. Iglesiaslibs: zynqMP_r5: baremetal: Simplify zynqMP_r5_map_mem_...
2015-08-12 Edgar E. Iglesiaslibs: zynqMP_r5: baremetal: Implement platform_map_mem_...
2015-08-12 Edgar E. IglesiasXSDK: Add Xil_SetTlbAttributes_size
2015-08-06 arvindraghuramanImproving the readme text document present in the landi...
2015-05-05 arvindraghuramanMerge pull request #5 from MichalPrincFSL/FSL_bugfix_cr...
2015-05-04 Michal Princ... Fixing potential RPMsg bug: rpmsg_endpoint structure...
2015-04-29 Wendy Liangproxy_app: Add --remoteproc to allow to specify a remot...
2015-04-29 Wendy Liangbaremetal demos: use SWITCH_TO_SYS_MODE() for Zynq
2015-04-29 Kinjal Pravinbhai... libs: zc702evk: baremetal.c platform_cache_all_flush_in...
2015-04-10 Wendy LiangUpdate xilinx stanadlone libs
2015-04-07 Wendy Liangzynq sample makefiles: update to define macro for Zynq A9.
2015-04-07 Wendy Liangzc702evk baremetal: update platform_map_mem_region
2015-04-07 Kinjal Pravinbhai... makefile.commons: added new flag OPENAMP_BAREMETAL...
2015-04-07 Kinjal Pravinbhai... zynqMP_r5_lib: moved baremetal specific code to baremet...
2015-04-07 Kinjal Pravinbhai... zc702_lib: baremetal specific code moved to baremetal...
2015-04-07 Kinjal Pravinbhai... zynqmp_r5: moved hw related definitions to platform...
2015-04-07 Kinjal Pravinbhai... bm_env.c: removed platform specific code from bm_env...
2015-04-07 Kinjal Pravinbhai... removed SWITCH_TO_SYS_MODE from rpc_demo.c
2015-04-07 Wendy LiangUpdate the kernel user modules copyright
2015-04-07 Wendy LiangAck IPI once it reads IPI ISR
2015-04-07 Wendy LiangAdd copyright to the kernel user modules examples
2015-04-07 Wendy LiangOpenAMP: Add Xilinx copyright
2015-04-06 Wendy LiangUpdate Linux modules, apps
2015-04-06 Wendy Liangupdate boot.S xil-crt0.S from Kinjal's
2015-04-06 Wendy Liangplatform_info.c : zynqMP_r5: update RPU IPI intr for...
2015-04-06 Wendy Liangupdate apps to use Kinjal's mpu modification
2015-04-06 Wendy Liangremoteproc: change to unix format
2015-04-06 Wendy LiangzynqMP_r5 baremetal libs: merge Kinjal's standalone...