SBL: Fix Issues with OSPI DMA boot
[processor-sdk/pdk.git] / packages / ti / boot / sbl / soc / k3 / sbl_sci_client.c
2021-03-24 Don DominicSBL: Fix Issues with OSPI DMA boot
2021-03-18 AnkurC++ Build fix
2021-03-12 Piyali GoswamiFixes for Sciclient to not globally disable interrupts
2021-03-11 Piyali GoswamiFix for proper sending and parsing of RM board config...
2020-12-18 Sujith ShivalingappaMerge pull request #1564 in PROCESSOR-SDK/pdk from...
2020-12-18 sujithMerge branch 'release/CORESDK_07.01.00' of ssh://bitbuc...
2020-12-07 sujithPDK-8720 : Addressed review comments : Initialized REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2020-12-06 sujithPDK-8720 : AM65xx OSPI Boot fails : Fixed
2020-11-02 Stephen Molfettasbl: swap order of boardcfg
2020-10-29 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: J7200/J721E: Move to TIFS firmware REL.CORESDK.
2020-10-22 Jonathan BergsagelJ721E: sciclient/sbl: BoardCfg_RM cleanup
2020-10-14 Piyali Goswamisbl_sci_client.c: Build Fix for AM64x
2020-10-13 Brandon WetzelAdd Linux support to AM65xx RM Configuration
2020-10-13 Piyali GoswamiAdding logic to share board configuration from SBL...
2020-10-13 Piyali Goswamirm_pm_hal: Being able to build RM and PM HAL from PDK
2020-10-05 Jonathan BergsagelPRSDK-5626: SBL: Fix FSS DAT0 firewall issue for HS...
2020-07-28 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-5607: SBL: J721E: HLOS (Linux) boot support
2020-07-10 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-5375: J7200 SBL: Disable HW init of R5 TCMs
2020-07-02 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-5375: SBL: Add J7200 (J7VCL) support
2020-06-02 Sivaraj RPRSDK-7753: HS build support REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2020-05-29 Mahesh RadhkrishnanPDK-5378: SBL: Add AM64x support
2020-05-21 Madan SrinivasPDK-6454: SBL: Adds support for non-GP device types
2020-05-15 Madan SrinivasPDK-5733: SBL: Updates SBL_IsSysfwEnc to use devicetype
2020-05-13 Madan SrinivasPDK-5733: SBL: Removes roundabout way to determine...
2020-05-13 Jonathan BergsagelMCAL-4148: SBL: Optimized CUST build for MCU-only boot
2020-05-12 Madan SrinivasPDK-5733: SBL: Updates SBL_IsSysfwEnc to use devicetype
2020-05-06 Piyali Goswamisbl: sbl_sci_client.c Avoid reading inner certificate...
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiBuild Fixes
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiUpdates for the AM65x PG2.0 and PG1.0 now having the...
2020-04-03 Brandon WetzelPRSDK-7206:sbl:PRSDK-7206:sbl:Fix Klocwork critical...
2020-02-24 Brandon WetzelPRSDK-8051:sciclient:Support for SYSFW v2019.12b
2020-02-04 Brandon WetzelPRSDK-7995:sciclient:Add support for SYSFW w2020.17...
2020-02-01 Brandon WetzelAM65xx PG2 support
2020-02-01 Brandon WetzelRe-work signed board config make process
2020-01-29 Piyali GoswamiPRSDK-7394 Signed board config support REL.PDK.J7.
2020-01-20 Brandon WetzelPRSDK-7263:sbl:Support for MCU-wakeup dev group
2019-11-01 Jacob Stifflersbl: add to PDK