PDK-9013: Fixes for Sciserver logic
[processor-sdk/pdk.git] / packages / ti / boot / sbl /
2021-01-15 M V Pratap ReddyBoard: Fix for am64x evm ospi diagnostic test build... REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2021-01-13 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: AM64x: Fix example XIP flash boot test REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2021-01-13 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: AM64x: Enable OSPI PHY with DMA for OSPI build
2021-01-12 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: AM64x: Enable CUST build for OSPI boot with custom...
2021-01-09 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: AM64x: Add OSPI 166 MHz operation and update cachi... REL.CORESDK.
2021-01-08 Anuraag TummanapallyKEYWRITER: fixes main.c build issue
2021-01-06 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: AM64x: Change SCRATCH RAM location to DDR memory
2020-12-23 Anuraag TummanapallyKEYWRITER: adds missing files, and header doxygen comments REL.CORESDK.
2020-12-21 Ahmad RashedPDK-8940: am64x/sbl for MCU domain reset isolation...
2020-12-21 Anuraag TummanapallyKEYWRITER: example app, which loads sysfw-keywr itself
2020-12-21 Anuraag TummanapallyKEYWRITER: x509 certificate generation scripts
2020-12-18 Sujith ShivalingappaMerge pull request #1564 in PROCESSOR-SDK/pdk from...
2020-12-18 sujithMerge branch 'release/CORESDK_07.01.00' of ssh://bitbuc...
2020-12-10 Jonathan BergsagelAM65xx: Change SBL Boot Perf Test to smaller version
2020-12-09 Jonathan BergsagelAM65xx: CUST SBL fix for booting MCU1_0
2020-12-09 Jesse Villarreal[PDK-8865] Fix powershell call on windows for image...
2020-12-07 Badri Stpr12/sbl: support for sbl image signing in windows
2020-12-07 sujithPDK-8720 : Addressed review comments : Initialized REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2020-12-06 sujithPDK-8720 : AM65xx OSPI Boot fails : Fixed
2020-12-05 Vishal MahaveerSBL: AM64x: Add library targets for mmcsd and ospi...
2020-12-02 Badri SCANFD driver for TPR12
2020-12-02 Badri Stpr12/qt: changes to enable tpr12 on QT again
2020-12-02 Badri Stpr12/boardflash: SBL/Uniflash writer update for GD25B6...
2020-12-02 Dillon FrankSBL: AM64x: Adding makefile support for mmcsd and ospi...
2020-11-30 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: AM64x: Updates for OSPI boot
2020-11-24 Mahesh RadhkrishnanSBL: Handle different size R5 ATCM/BTCM on different...
2020-11-20 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: AM64x: UART clock updates for silicon
2020-11-09 Sivaraj RPDK-8495: QoS settings disabled for SBL boot
2020-11-03 Badri Sdiag: fix memory map to work with SBL
2020-11-03 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8453: SBL: Boot performance app fix REL.CORESDK.
2020-11-02 Jonathan BergsagelRevert "Fix SBL build fix for J721E"
2020-11-02 Stephen Molfettasbl: swap order of boardcfg
2020-11-02 Stephen Molfettabuild: Update sciclient_direct_hs target
2020-10-31 Badri Sqspi/tpr12: add ccs based flash writer from file app
2020-10-31 Badri Ssbl/tpr12: added GP device degenerate key for SBL certi...
2020-10-31 Badri Sqspi/tpr12: bug fixes for DMA mode support
2020-10-31 Badri Ssbl: tpr12 fixes for Soc reset in release mode
2020-10-31 Badri Stpr12: fixes when testing SBL QSPI mode on TPR12 EVM
2020-10-31 Badri Ssbl/tpr12: added qspi test to write from file to flash
2020-10-31 Badri Ssbl/tpr12: Support timeout for UART SBL mode
2020-10-31 Badri Sqspi/tpr12: qspi read/write example fixes for tpr12 evm
2020-10-31 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: J721E-HS: Workaround for HS boot
2020-10-30 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7618: SBL: remove duplicate boot media clock releases
2020-10-30 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: Build fix for combined.appimage file creation
2020-10-29 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: J7200/J721E: Move to TIFS firmware REL.CORESDK.
2020-10-29 M V Pratap ReddyPDK-7618: Board: Created different init/deinit clock...
2020-10-28 Jonathan BergsagelMCAL-4935: SBL: Add DDR enable to SBL CUST build
2020-10-28 Don Dominic[PDK-8360] SBL_QOS: Workaround to fix issues with UDMA...
2020-10-27 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: Version: version number update for PDK 7.1
2020-10-27 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8280: Add ipc_echo_testb to SBL combined.appimage
2020-10-24 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8280: Board/SBL: Fix board_diag_framework build...
2020-10-24 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8280: Remove extra SBL prints causing boot problems
2020-10-24 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8280: SBL: Add cache flushing to boot Linux images
2020-10-24 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7640: SBL: J7200: Give back OSPI_0 clock for bootin...
2020-10-23 Sivaraj RFix SBL build fix for J721E REL.CORESDK.
2020-10-22 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8280: J7200/J721E: Undo SBL interleaved boot for...
2020-10-22 Jonathan BergsagelJ721E: sciclient/sbl: BoardCfg_RM cleanup
2020-10-21 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8189: Updated SBL CUST build to enable full MAIN...
2020-10-20 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8189: revert OSPI DMA usage, just for SBL CUST...
2020-10-19 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8215: SBL: Remove restriction to use Single SPI...
2020-10-19 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: Linux boot: Updated Device-tree blob files
2020-10-16 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8215: SBL: Update OSPI/Hyperflash layout of images
2020-10-14 Piyali Goswamisbl_sci_client.c: Build Fix for AM64x
2020-10-14 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8189: SBL: Fix makefile issues in sbl_component.mk
2020-10-13 Brandon WetzelAdd Linux support to AM65xx RM Configuration
2020-10-13 Piyali GoswamiAdding logic to share board configuration from SBL...
2020-10-13 Piyali Goswamirm_pm_hal: Being able to build RM and PM HAL from PDK
2020-10-12 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-8189: SBL: Fix usage of OSPI DMA for other apps REL.CORESDK.
2020-10-09 Jonathan BergsagelPRSDK-6403: SBL: AM65xx TCM enables returned to SoC...
2020-10-08 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7686: Fix SBL "CUST" build for J7200 when OSPI...
2020-10-07 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7686: Enable DMA in SBL when OSPI PHY is enabled
2020-10-05 Jonathan BergsagelPRSDK-5626: SBL: Fix FSS DAT0 firewall issue for HS...
2020-10-05 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7686: SBL: Update OSPI Board_flashOpen params for...
2020-10-05 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7686: SBL: Fix R5_MPU setup for PHY tuning in FSS...
2020-10-02 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7036: SBL: AM65xx: Remove support for TCM pre-loading
2020-10-02 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7036: SBL: Update POKE MEM addresses for SBL test
2020-10-02 Brandon WetzelShorter SBL Boot Test
2020-10-02 Brandon WetzelFix the SBL R5F-0 cluster reset sequence
2020-10-01 Brandon WetzelAdd support for Windows makefiles
2020-10-01 Brandon WetzelMove bypass workaround to C code to allow for SIM_BUILD
2020-10-01 Brandon WetzelDo a full OSPI driver bypass to work with the current...
2020-10-01 Brandon WetzelFix for windows
2020-10-01 Brandon WetzelMove bypass workaround to C code to allow for SIM_BUILD
2020-10-01 Badri S[PDK-7488] TPR12: SBL build fix and bios cfg file cleanup
2020-09-30 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: Fix SBL_QoS build and include in sbl_lib
2020-09-28 Shyam Jagannathan[SBL_QOS] Added more QOS parameters
2020-09-22 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-6610: SBL: Adds support for MMCSD as backup bootmode
2020-09-21 Badri S[PDK-4913][PDK-7432] SBL QSPI mode and bug fix for... REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2020-09-18 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-5608: SBL: optimized Linux boot DTB update
2020-09-16 Badri S[PDK-7488] Migrate sysbios/xdc/cgtools
2020-09-11 Jonathan BergsagelSBL: Fix for critical mcu1_0 sequenece when LOG_LEVEL=3
2020-09-09 Brandon WetzelEnable Reset Isolation
2020-09-08 Brandon WetzelSBL Pinmux : do not configure pinmux on reset
2020-09-04 Lucas Weaver[ADASVISION-4202] Adding common SBL API for setting QoS
2020-08-27 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-5528: SBL: J7200: Fallback for xSPI PHY tuning...
2020-08-27 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7616: SBL: Build fixes for HLOS boot variant
2020-08-26 Sivaraj RFix SBL warning - repo redundant make target
2020-08-26 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-7616: SBL: Add build targets for HLOS boot variants
2020-08-25 Sivaraj RCombined boot flow image gen enhancements to support...
2020-08-25 Brijesh JadavPDK-7627: Fixed in SBL to allow loading multi-stage...