CCM test fail leading to sdr test failure
[processor-sdk/pdk.git] / packages / ti / diag / sdr / test / sdtf-test / src / sdtf_test.c
2021-08-02 Parth NagpalCCM test fail leading to sdr test failure REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2020-10-13 Sam Nelsonsdr_test: Update to have separate ESM configuration... REL.CORESDK.
2020-09-22 Sam Nelsonsdr-test: Add additional tests for CBASS single bit
2020-09-18 Danny JochelsonPDK-7586: ECC SDR for Main and MCU ESM, MSMC and CBASS...
2020-07-21 Prasad Konnurupdated pass string as expected by test automation
2020-06-15 Danny JochelsonPDK-6476: Updated SDR for multiple instances of ESM.
2020-06-12 Danny JochelsonPDK-6681: SDR ECC Periodic Test fix
2020-05-29 Danny JochelsonPDK-6642: Removed SDR_ECC_selfTest from J721E build.
2020-05-28 Sam Nelsondiag: sdr/sdtf_test: Fix typo error
2020-05-28 Sam Nelsonsdr: sdtf-test: Add unity support for automation
2020-05-21 Danny JochelsonPDK-6444: Changed test/test -> test/sdtf-test