osal: cleanup: Remove source files and makefile refernces related to legacy devices
[processor-sdk/pdk.git] / packages / ti / diag /
2022-02-19 M V Pratap ReddySDR: Fix for klocwork errors
2022-02-13 M V Pratap ReddyPDK-10511: SDR: Fix for klocwork errors
2022-02-01 M V Pratap ReddyPDK-10511: SDR: Fix for SDR library Klocwork errors
2021-12-09 Jayanth BRDefined rodata section in sdr test linker command file... REL.CORESDK.
2021-10-20 Vivek Dhande[Build Fix] REL.CORESDK.
2021-10-19 Vivek Dhande[Build Fix]Am65xx
2021-10-18 Vivek Dhande[Build Fix] REL.CORESDK.
2021-10-14 Vivek Dhande[TI Clang Migration][Phase 5]
2021-10-14 Vivek Dhande[TI Clang Migration][Phase 4]AM65xx and J7200 porting
2021-08-09 Parth Nagpalwatchdog init failure
2021-08-02 Parth NagpalCCM test fail leading to sdr test failure REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2021-03-23 Angela StegmaierUpdate ESM test app to call Sciclient_init REL.CORESDK.
2020-11-09 Angela Stegmaiersdr_test: Update j721e linker file to not load to ATCM
2020-11-07 Nicholas ChanAdded wwdt multicore back to build with lastcore change
2020-10-28 Sam NelsonPDK-8346: sdr-test: Update makefile to be able to creat... REL.CORESDK.
2020-10-28 Sam NelsonPDK-6815: SDR update to remove usage of initialized...
2020-10-23 sujithPDK-6815 : Updated SDR test to not load anything into...
2020-10-22 Sivaraj RMake separate top level file for ECC AGGR SOC File
2020-10-16 Sivaraj RDisable multicore image gen for Diag example
2020-10-14 Sivaraj RFix J721E SDR linker errors
2020-10-14 sujithPDK-8195 : Rearch : Linker file updates
2020-10-13 Sam Nelsonsdr_test: Add missed files
2020-10-13 Piyali Goswamirm_pm_hal: Being able to build RM and PM HAL from PDK
2020-10-13 Sivaraj RFix Diag example build REL.CORESDK.
2020-10-13 Sam Nelsonsdr_test: Update to have separate ESM configuration... REL.CORESDK.
2020-10-13 Sam Nelsonsdr: Minor update to sequence to avoid spurious error...
2020-10-13 Sam Nelsonsdr: ESM: Update ESM module to handle esm events for...
2020-10-10 Sivaraj RFix Diag package errors
2020-10-08 Nicholas ChanAdded windowed watchdog timer example
2020-10-02 Sam Nelsonsdr: Bug fix and Minor formatting and comment changes
2020-10-02 Sam Nelsondiag: ecc_example_app: Fix expected address offset...
2020-10-02 Sam Nelsonsdr: Add width and size correction for VIM RAM id
2020-10-02 Sam Nelsonsdr: Remove TODO statement
2020-10-02 Sam Nelsonsdr: am65xx: Update to use manually generated cslr_soc_...
2020-10-02 Sam Nelsonsdr: Remove use of defines from csl_ecc_aggr_ram_id.h
2020-10-02 Sam Nelsonsdr: Update to cross check agains group checkers data
2020-10-02 Danny JochelsonPDK-5918: ECC example and SDR updates for latest CSLR.
2020-10-02 Sam Nelsonsdr: Use CSL-R defines
2020-10-02 Danny JochelsonPDK-5918: Added eccMemType to ECC callback.
2020-09-30 Danny JochelsonPDK-5918: ECC Example application functional 6/6 use...
2020-09-22 Sam Nelsonsdr-test: Add additional tests for CBASS single bit
2020-09-22 Sam NelsonPDK-8037: sdr: Update to handle single bit errors for...
2020-09-18 Danny JochelsonPDK-7586: ECC SDR for Main and MCU ESM, MSMC and CBASS...
2020-07-21 Prasad Konnurupdated pass string as expected by test automation
2020-07-20 Don Dominic[PDK-7099][PDK-6923] Update usage of PDK_COMMON_*_COMP
2020-07-10 Danny JochelsonPDK-5910: Additional cleanup in ESM example app.
2020-07-09 Danny JochelsonPDK-7033: Small cleanup of SDR.
2020-07-08 Danny JochelsonPDK-5910: Small cleanup in ESM example app.
2020-07-06 Sivaraj RMerge pull request #860 in PROCESSOR-SDK/pdk from don...
2020-06-23 Danny JochelsonPDK-5910: ESM Example app in PDK.
2020-06-17 Danny JochelsonPDK-6844: SDR ESM small cleanup.
2020-06-15 Danny JochelsonPDK-6476: Changed SDR ESM callback to pass Instance...
2020-06-15 Danny JochelsonPDK-6476: Updated SDR for multiple instances of ESM.
2020-06-12 Sam NelsonPDK-6826: sdr: Fix c++ build issues
2020-06-12 Danny JochelsonPDK-6681: SDR ECC Periodic Test fix
2020-05-29 Danny JochelsonPDK-6642: Removed SDR_ECC_selfTest from J721E build.
2020-05-28 Sam Nelsondiag: sdr/sdtf_test: Fix typo error
2020-05-28 Sam Nelsonsdr: sdtf-test: Add unity support for automation
2020-05-25 sujithMinor Build issues resolution
2020-05-25 Sam Nelsonsdr: sdtf-test: Move core specific define to be platfor...
2020-05-25 Sam NelsonPRSDK-8529: Update ESM Event numbers for J721E
2020-05-25 Sam NelsonPRSDK-8529: Update alignment of DED vector
2020-05-21 Danny JochelsonPDK-6444: Changed test/test -> test/sdtf-test
2020-05-21 Danny JochelsonPDK-6444: Renamed all files for "sdr" instead of "sdl"
2020-05-21 Danny JochelsonPDK-6444: Updated filenames for "sdr" instead of "sdl...
2020-05-21 Danny JochelsonPDK-6444: Removed "SDL" and "Library" reference in...
2020-05-20 Danny JochelsonPDK-5876: Add PACKAGE_SRCS_COMMON to SDR component.
2020-05-20 Danny JochelsonPDK-5876: Removed unsupported am65xx_idk from SDL board...
2020-05-20 Danny JochelsonPDK-5876: Removed requirements/design tags from SDL...
2020-05-20 Danny JochelsonPDK-5876: Removed "safety" references. Updated header...
2020-05-20 Danny JochelsonPDK-5876: Updated BSD license text in SDL.
2020-05-20 Danny JochelsonPDK-5876: SDL port to PDK SDR.