PDK-6487: emac: test app updates
[processor-sdk/pdk.git] / packages / ti / drv /
2020-05-22 Tinku MannanPDK-6487: emac: test app updates REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2020-05-22 sujithPDK-6489 : Enabling image generation and image naming...
2020-05-22 Prasad KonnurAdded appimage generation for apps
2020-05-21 Hao Zhangboard: am64x: fix ospi pinmux configuration bug
2020-05-21 Sivaraj RPDK-6481: [Build] XDC Meta Generation Results in Warning
2020-05-21 Tinku MannanPDK-6482: ics_emac: Klocwork SA updates
2020-05-21 Hao Zhangospi: PDK-5600: set default Chip Select De-Assert devic...
2020-05-21 Piyali GoswamiAM64x: Add M4F proc boot code ID
2020-05-21 Angela StegmaierIPC: Increase Stack Size for echo test
2020-05-20 Hao Zhanguart: am64x: disable uart dma example on M4 core REL.CORESDK.
2020-05-20 Hao Zhangicss_emac: am64x: fix package build issue
2020-05-20 Justin Sobotasciclient: Fix critical KW issue
2020-05-20 Don Dominic[PDK-5988] UDMA : Fix additional Static Analysis Issues
2020-05-20 Tinku MannanPDK-5982: emac: Klocwork SA updates
2020-05-20 Piyali GoswamiSYSFW Friendly for SYSFW-3813 and SYSFW-3808
2020-05-20 Don Dominic[PDK-6184][AM64x-Zebu][DMSC] Updates for Zebu DMSC...
2020-05-20 Eric Rueidrv/i2c: enable TPR12 as i2c/v0 driver
2020-05-20 Sivaraj RBug Fix: PRSDK-8528: XDC files are not packaged in...
2020-05-19 Tinku MannanPDK-4378: emac and nimu app updates for R5F core
2020-05-19 Sivaraj RPDK-5149: UDMA fixes for MCU2_1 to MCU2_0 RM migration
2020-05-19 Tinku MannanPRSDK-7278: emac: Fix description of prempt/cut-through...
2020-05-18 Tinku MannanPRSDK-7750: emac: unit test updates to reduce size...
2020-05-18 Hao Zhanguart: fix UART RAT mapping issue for M4 core
2020-05-18 sujithPDK-4378 : Addressed review comment
2020-05-18 sujithPDK-4378 : App updates to include routine to copy requi...
2020-05-18 sujithPDK-4378 : App updates to include routine to copy requi...
2020-05-18 sujithPDK-4378 : Moved the int vecs to ATCM. to allow executi...
2020-05-18 Angela StegmaierPSDKQA-161: IPC: Fix Incorrect Heap Buffer Pointer...
2020-05-18 Prasad Konnur[BugFix] PDK-6401: pcie example load filas for mpu...
2020-05-18 Vivek Dhande[DSS APP][PDK-6378][PDK-4988]Bug Fixes
2020-05-18 Vivek Dhande[CAL DRV][PDK-5252]Added real time vs non real time...
2020-05-18 Sivaraj RFix PDK location to use proper variable REL.CORESDK.
2020-05-17 Sivaraj RBug Fix: PRSDK-8528: XDC files are not packaged in...
2020-05-16 Sivaraj RPRSDK-7753: Added HS build support to coexist with...
2020-05-15 Tinku Mannanam65xx: remove switch test apps and references
2020-05-15 Don Dominic[PDK-6364] UDMA : Handle TR Events in AM64x
2020-05-15 Jonathan BergsagelSciclient: update sciclient firmware header for J721e GP
2020-05-15 Don Dominic[PDK-6364] UDMA : Handle RING events in AM64x
2020-05-15 Sivaraj RBug Fix: PRSDK-8528: XDC files are not packaged in...
2020-05-15 Sivaraj RBuild Fix
2020-05-15 Piyali Goswamiam65xx_pg2.0 Build fix
2020-05-15 Don Dominic[UDMA] AM64x Build Fix
2020-05-15 Amit Makani[PDK-5983] Fix review comments of IPC module
2020-05-15 Tinku MannanPRSDK-8299: icss-emac lld support for am64x
2020-05-15 Tinku Mannanam65xx: emac: driver fixes
2020-05-15 Hao Zhangospi: PDK-5427: fix am64x uart print issue on Zebu
2020-05-15 Eric Rueidrv/uart: porting SCI driver as UART v3
2020-05-15 Hongmei Gouspi: address review comments for adding TPR12 support
2020-05-15 Hongmei Gouspi: add QSPI flash test application for TPR12 QT
2020-05-15 Hongmei Gouspi: build qspi(v1) lib for tpr12
2020-05-15 Angela StegmaierIPC: Update c7x echo_test linker file and mmu map call
2020-05-14 Justin Sobotasciclient: rm_irq: Fix critical Klocwork errors
2020-05-14 Piyali Goswamidrv: sciclient: Using the latest binaries and checked...
2020-05-14 Piyali Goswamidrv: sciclient: Updates to firmwaregen.sh to handle...
2020-05-14 Piyali Goswamidrv: sciclient: Updated the sysfw binaries for 1.4...
2020-05-14 Don Dominic[PDK-5988] UDMA : Fix Bug introduced by SA issue resolution
2020-05-14 Don Dominic[PDK-5988] UDMA : Fix Static Analysis Issues
2020-05-14 Sivaraj RAddressed review comments
2020-05-14 Brijesh JadavPDK-5149: Below changes are done
2020-05-14 Amit Makani[PDK-5983] Fix warning issue of IPC module
2020-05-14 Don Dominic[PDK-4957] Additional error checks for mappedGrp and...
2020-05-14 Tinku Mannanam65xx: emac and nimu: Maxwell PG2 updates
2020-05-14 Tinku Mannanam65xx: emac: Maxwell PG2 updates
2020-05-13 Anshu Jain[hostemu] Fix host emulation and loki link issue
2020-05-13 Sivaraj RPDK-6291: UDMA unit test app is failing for all the...
2020-05-13 Don Dominic[PDK-6289] Update in max doorbell count for lcdma
2020-05-13 Sivaraj RPDK-6273: Host emulation (GCC) library in PDK release...
2020-05-13 Sivaraj RBuild Fix
2020-05-13 Sivaraj RMerge pull request #536 in PROCESSOR-SDK/pdk from don...
2020-05-13 Justin Sobotasciclient: Fix IR output validation against board config
2020-05-13 Amit Makani[PDK-5983] Fix critical issue of IPC module
2020-05-13 Eric Rueidrv/uart: add double close check
2020-05-13 Tinku MannanPDK-5986: pruss drv static analysis fixes
2020-05-12 sujithPDK-5543 : C7x with CGT 1.3.0.LTS
2020-05-12 sujithsciclient : updated the path to gcc bin directory
2020-05-12 Prasad KonnurPDK-4874: Implement CRC driver
2020-05-10 sujithBuild Issue Resolutions : Minor updates
2020-05-09 M V Pratap ReddyPDK-5038: Board: Added build support for TPR12 QT
2020-05-08 Hao Zhangpdk: fix package build issues
2020-05-08 Kedar Chitnis[TOOLS] Fixes to make C7x host-emu work with updated CGT
2020-05-08 sujithPDK-5543 : TOOLS : Resolving new gcc/c7x associated...
2020-05-08 Piyali GoswamiAM64x binary Update with Proc Control
2020-05-08 Don Dominic[PDK-5125][UDMA] Ring : Fix Review comments
2020-05-08 Don Dominic[PDK-5125][UDMA] Ring : Use function pointers for local...
2020-05-07 Don Dominic[UDMA] makefile updates for build issues fix
2020-05-07 Don Dominic[UDMA] Build Fix for udma
2020-05-07 Sivaraj RFix AM64x Build issues
2020-05-07 Piyali Goswami2020.04 migration sysfw.bin fixes for non overlapping...
2020-05-07 Don Dominic[UDMA][PDK-3669][PDK-5665][PDK-5663] Ring: Add APIs...
2020-05-07 Hao Zhangospi: PDK-5427: fix OSPI clock configuration issue.
2020-05-06 Don Dominic[UDMA][AM64x] Fix Package Build Issues
2020-05-06 Brandon WetzelPRSDK-7753: Pick up SYSFW 2020.04 binary for J7HS
2020-05-06 Brandon WetzelPRSDK-7753: J7 Boot time Security support on RTOS
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiSciclient: Firewall: Example updates to use default...
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiFirewall Example update for J721e
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiFirewall Example enhance for DDR based firewalls
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiExample update for Firewalls for MSMC RAM
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiFirewall example
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiAm64x: Proc Control Ids
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Cleanup IRQ trees