freertos: support for j721e,j7200,am65xx SoCs
[processor-sdk/pdk.git] / packages / ti / drv /
2021-03-05 KALYAN VAGVALAadded adcbuf driver for AWR294x SOC
2021-03-04 M V Pratap ReddyPRSDK-8813: Board/USB: Updated AM65xx SerDes configurations
2021-02-23 Prasad Konnuradded build support for awr294x
2021-02-18 Piyali GoswamiPDK-9337: Fix for Clocking on J7VCL to use fracf pll... REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2021-02-18 AnkurBuild Fix REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2021-02-16 AnkurSPI packaging error fix REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2021-02-15 Piyali Goswamisciclient: docs: design: Update to add Domain reset... REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2021-02-15 Piyali GoswamiSupport for Domain resets in Sciclient PM
2021-02-14 Piyali GoswamiMigrating to SYSFW version v2021.01
2021-02-11 Piyali GoswamiMigrating to SYSFW version v2020.08d
2021-02-11 Piyali Update to have support for generation...
2021-02-11 Piyali GoswamiFirmware Header Gen updates for ES1.1
2021-02-10 Prasad KonnurAdd build support for awr294x
2021-02-10 Don DominicUDMA: OSPI Example: Fix Porting for Cypress Flash(J7200...
2021-02-09 Vivek Dhande[DSS APP][PDK-9214]DSS Display Examples is not working...
2021-02-09 Aditya Wadhwa[PDK-9074]OSPI: Adding a summary of OSPI modes supporte...
2021-02-06 Aditya WadhwaOSPI: J721e: Fix for large appimage size
2021-02-06 Aditya WadhwaRevert "Revert "[PDK-8607] Fix for interrupt hang on...
2021-02-05 Angela StegmaierMailbox: Example: Fix debug build failure in daily...
2021-01-31 Piyali GoswamiFix for UDMA tests failing after fix for PDK-9013
2021-01-27 Vishal MahaveerRevert "[PDK-8607] Fix for interrupt hang on MCU cores... REL.CORESDK.
2021-01-27 Aditya Wadhwa[PDK-8607] Fix for interrupt hang on MCU cores in MAIN...
2021-01-20 Sheng ZhaoAM64x: launch.js update for latest CSP REL.CORESDK.
2021-01-20 Don DominicAM64x Build Fix: Use CORELISTARM for UART baremetal app
2021-01-19 Don Dominic[PDK-9033] UDMA Example : Fix UDMA ADC example on AM64x...
2021-01-19 Vishal Mahaveeram64x: Enable appimage generation for mcspi tests
2021-01-18 Don Dominic[PDK-9033] UDMA Example : Fix UDMA ADC example on AM64x
2021-01-18 Don Dominic[PDK-7995] UDMA: Simplify UDMA RM Configuration for...
2021-01-18 Anshu Jain[dmautils] Update hostemu to support 8 to 16 bit conversion
2021-01-18 Piyali GoswamiPDK-9013: Fixes for Sciserver logic
2021-01-15 Piyali GoswamiMigrating to SYSFW version v2020.12a
2021-01-15 Don Dominic[PDK-8573] UDMA: Expose Udma_chGetTriggerEvent API
2021-01-15 Angela StegmaierMailbox: Test: Update mailbox_perf_test for automation
2021-01-15 Angela StegmaierMailbox: Add missing documentation
2021-01-15 Vishal Mahaveermmcsd: v2: fix build with logs enabled REL.CORESDK.
2021-01-13 Pratheesh GangadharCorrect portNum parameter used by emac_poll_pkt and...
2021-01-13 Pratheesh GangadharFix for issues seen with port call backs
2021-01-13 Pratheesh GangadharAdd ingress rate limiter support in emac lld
2021-01-08 Don Dominic[PDK-9060] UDMA: Apputils: Add support of AM64x TCMA... REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2021-01-08 Prasad Konnur[Bug Fix] PDK-8849: UART UT: few unit tests are failing...
2021-01-07 Don DominicAM64x RM: Update defaulBoardCfg_rm to assign CMPEVNT... REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2021-01-07 Aditya Wadhwa[PDK-8918] udma ospi example for j7200/am64x
2021-01-06 Prasad Konnur[Bug Fix] PDK-8761: UART UT Dma tests hangs after timeout
2021-01-06 Aditya Wadhwa[PDK-8724] Fixed PHY causing failure of next test
2021-01-06 sujithI2C Example : Build break fix
2021-01-06 Piyali GoswamiSciclient_firmware_boot: Linker Build fix
2021-01-06 Vishal Mahaveeri2c: fix typo in component makefile
2021-01-05 Don Dominic[PDK-9022] UDMA: Fix Issues with AM64x UDMA
2021-01-05 Piyali GoswamiTrace enable for RM/PM HAL
2021-01-05 Piyali GoswamiFix for the state capture for both output and input...
2021-01-05 Prasad Konnuradded app image generation for sciclient ut for am64x
2021-01-05 M V Pratap ReddyPDK-9019: Uart: Added input parameter check for flow...
2021-01-05 M V Pratap ReddyPDK-9019: Uart: Enable HW flow control for K3 platforms
2021-01-04 Aditya WadhwaEnabled app image generation for OSPI UTs on AM64x
2020-12-26 Angela StegmaierPDK-8974: Fix ipc_echo_testb build
2020-12-25 Vishal Mahaveeri2c: exclude I2C_Baremetal_Eeprom_TestApp for am64x...
2020-12-23 Vishal MahaveerRestrict rs485 test only for R5 cores of AM64x
2020-12-23 Vishal MahaveerRevert "uart: test: use main uart0 for am64x tests"
2020-12-23 Sheng ZhaoMigrating to SYSFW version v2020.12
2020-12-23 Prasad Konnurenabled mmcsd dma app for am64x
2020-12-23 Anuraag TummanapallyKEYWRITER: fixes otpKeyCfgAddr pointer to integer conv.
2020-12-23 Anuraag TummanapallyKEYWRITER: adds missing files, and header doxygen comments REL.CORESDK.
2020-12-23 sujithPDK-7046 : I2C Utility : Updated to support instances
2020-12-22 Sheng ZhaoMigrating to SYSFW version v2020.12-rc1
2020-12-21 Anuraag TummanapallyKEYWRITER: sciclient fn for keywriter API call, opcode...
2020-12-18 Sujith ShivalingappaMerge pull request #1564 in PROCESSOR-SDK/pdk from...
2020-12-18 Vineet RoyBumping the build version
2020-12-18 Vineet RoyFix for the PRU Tx lock up issue. LCPD-19899
2020-12-18 sujithMerge branch 'release/CORESDK_07.01.00' of ssh://bitbuc...
2020-12-18 Aditya WadhwaAdded GPMC register dump before transfer operation
2020-12-18 Aditya WadhwaUpdated paramters passed in OSPI API calls
2020-12-17 Aditya Wadhwa[PDK-8725]Enabling DAC tests for xSPI Flash devices
2020-12-16 Angela StegmaierPDK-7626: IPC: Test: Cleanup ex05 test and Make ready... REL.CORESDK.
2020-12-16 Vineet RoyBumping the build version with latest changes
2020-12-16 Vineet RoyBumping build and version
2020-12-16 Vineet RoyAdding offset to control storm control behavior
2020-12-16 Vineet RoyBumping the firmware version
2020-12-16 Vineet RoyFix for issue PINDSW-4265
2020-12-16 Vineet RoyFix for the issue. PINDSW-4577. Storm prevention done...
2020-12-11 Don Dominic[PDK-8894] AM64x RM: Update BoardCfg and UDMA RM to...
2020-12-11 Don Dominic[PDK-8892] UDMA: Update BCDMA BlkCpy channel allocation...
2020-12-11 Sheng ZhaoMigrating to SYSFW version w2020.17-am64x
2020-12-11 Vishal Mahaveericss_emac: package header files from firmware folder
2020-12-11 Prasad Jondhaleemac icssg - Enable firmware build for mcu1_0 REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2020-12-11 Prasad Jondhaleam65xx - Add dummy interrupt and fix linker command...
2020-12-10 Sivaraj RRemove ICSS firmware for AM64x
2020-12-10 Aditya Wadhwa[PDK-8824] Addressing review comments
2020-12-10 Aditya Wadhwa[PDK-8824] Added pimux config to board init
2020-12-10 Aditya Wadhwa[WIP] Addressing review comments
2020-12-10 Aditya Wadhwa[PDK-8824] Added a GPMC example for probing
2020-12-08 Badri Stpr12/canfd: canfd apiguide changes
2020-12-07 Piyali GoswamiSciclient: Warning Fix
2020-12-07 Badri Sdiag/tpr12: cpsw diag update to work with eth master...
2020-12-07 Badri Stpr12/canfd: address review comments
2020-12-06 Angela StegmaierPDK-8827: IPC: examples: Fix Build Issue with Idle...
2020-12-06 Piyali GoswamiPDK-8537: Update to the Sciclient_rm logic to handle...
2020-12-05 Don Dominic[PDK-7909][PDK-6279] UDMA UT: Added new testcase for...
2020-12-04 Angela StegmaierPDK-8843: Mailbox LLD: AM64X: Use writeTimeout for...
2020-12-04 Angela StegmaierPDK-8843: IPC: AM64X: Use timeout from Virtio Config...
2020-12-04 Don Dominic [PDK-7909][PDK-6282] UDMA UT: Added new testcase for...