[PDK-6649] OSAL: nonos: Fix TimerP_delete to update gTimerAnyMask
[processor-sdk/pdk.git] / packages / ti / osal / src / nonos / timer / v2 / TimerP_nonos.c
2021-03-16 Don Dominic[PDK-6649] OSAL: nonos: Fix TimerP_delete to update...
2020-10-20 Eric RueiOSAL: nonos: rti timer: replace direct register accesse...
2020-06-11 Eric RueiOSAL: address KW issues for TPR12
2020-05-08 Eric RueiOSAL: add double-free check
2020-03-17 Eric RueiOSAL: fix RTI timer tick period for nonos implementation REL.PDK.J7.
2020-03-13 Eric RueiTool/OSAL/Board cleanup
2020-03-12 Eric RueiOSAL/Board build cleanup
2020-03-07 Eric RueiAdded TPR12 support