2020-05-11 Sivaraj RTop level makefile enhancements
2020-05-10 sujithBuild Issue Resolutions : Minor updates
2020-05-09 M V Pratap... PDK-5038: Board: Added build support for TPR12 QT
2020-05-09 Sivaraj RFix AM64x build - Revert GCC properly
2020-05-09 Aravind BatniPRSDK-8426: OSAL: SemaphoreP_postfromISR() API does...
2020-05-08 Aravind BatniPRSDK-8481: OSAL: Timer API wrongly uses HWIP clear...
2020-05-08 sujithAM64x & TP12 : ARM CGT : Reverting to back to 18.12...
2020-05-08 Eric RueiOSAL: add double-free check
2020-05-08 Hao Zhangpdk: fix package build issues
2020-05-08 sujithTools Update : Minor correction on the NDK version
2020-05-08 sujithPDK-5543 : Addressed review comments.
2020-05-08 sujithPDK-5543 : Updated NDK & NS versions
2020-05-08 sujithPDK-5543 : TOOLS : Resolving new gcc/c7x associated...
2020-05-08 sujithPDK-5543 : TOOLS : Updating following tools for Jacinto
2020-05-08 sujithPDK-5543 : Addressed review comments.
2020-05-08 Kedar Chitnis[TOOLS] Fixes to make C7x host-emu work with updated CGT
2020-05-08 sujithPDK-5543 : Updated NDK & NS versions
2020-05-08 sujithPDK-5543 : TOOLS : Resolving new gcc/c7x associated...
2020-05-08 sujithPDK-5543 : TOOLS : Updating following tools for Jacinto
2020-05-08 Piyali GoswamiAM64x binary Update with Proc Control
2020-05-08 Don Dominic[PDK-5125][UDMA] Ring : Fix Review comments
2020-05-08 Don Dominic[PDK-5125][UDMA] Ring : Use function pointers for local...
2020-05-07 Jonathan BergsagelPDK-4940: SBL: Program SoC thermal limits for J721E
2020-05-07 Don Dominic[UDMA] makefile updates for build issues fix
2020-05-07 Don Dominic[UDMA] Build Fix for udma
2020-05-07 Sivaraj RFix AM64x Build issues
2020-05-07 Piyali Goswami2020.04 migration sysfw.bin fixes for non overlapping...
2020-05-07 Don Dominic[UDMA][PDK-3669][PDK-5665][PDK-5663] Ring: Add APIs...
2020-05-07 Badri Sdiag: MAC_ADDR_LEN macro define name change in cpsw lld
2020-05-07 Hao Zhangospi: PDK-5427: fix OSPI clock configuration issue.
2020-05-06 Don Dominic[UDMA][AM64x] Fix Package Build Issues
2020-05-06 Sivaraj RAdded PMIC build support
2020-05-06 Brandon WetzelPRSDK-7753: Pick up SYSFW 2020.04 binary for J7HS
2020-05-06 Brandon WetzelPRSDK-7753: J7 Boot time Security support on RTOS
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiSciclient: Firewall: Example updates to use default...
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiFirewall Example update for J721e
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiFirewall Example enhance for DDR based firewalls
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiExample update for Firewalls for MSMC RAM
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiFirewall example
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiBuild fix for Boot Perf Application
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiAm64x: Proc Control Ids
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Cleanup IRQ trees
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiBuild Fix for applications.
2020-05-06 Piyali Goswamisciclient: makefile Removed packaging build fix
2020-05-06 Piyali Goswamisbl: sbl_sci_client.c Avoid reading inner certificate...
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiAM64x: Firmware Gen Updates for AM64x
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiAM64x: Friendly drop for AM64x
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Track leftover ROM mapped interrupt resources
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiAM64x: Friendly drop for AM64x
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiRemoving am65x_sr2 R5F binary and duplicate MISRA C
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiMigrating to SYSFW version v2020.04
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiSecurity Board config update for 2020.04
2020-05-06 Piyali Goswamisciclient: tools: Added support for HS
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiUpdates to migrate to 2020.04 release
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Verify intermediate IR outputs are in an...
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: J721e: split main nav IR output assignments...
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: AM65x RM boardcfg fixes for IPC
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Fix for IPC on C7x
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Arrange j721e RM boardcfg entries in ascendi...
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Add am64x interrupt routing support
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Add j7200 interrupt routing support
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Add interrupt route destination translation
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiAM65xx Fixes for MCU1_1
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiBuild Fixes
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiIPC Build Failure Fixes
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiInterrupt router RAT programming for C66x
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiBoard Config updates for C66x Nav resource types
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiBoard config changes for IRQ
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Add interrupt routing
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: Increase scope of Sciclient_getCurrentContext
2020-05-06 Justin Sobotasciclient: .gitignore: Ignore development artifacts
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiUpdates for the AM65x PG2.0 and PG1.0 now having the...
2020-05-06 Piyali GoswamiMigrating to SYSFW version v2020.02
2020-05-06 Angela StegmaierIPC: Updates to work with new Sciclient Changes for IR
2020-05-06 Hao Zhanguart: PDK_5423: add DMA support for am64x
2020-05-06 Karan SaxenaPDK-5759: Change status for memory attributes in MPU...
2020-05-05 Aravind BatniPRSDK-7237: added VTM Si Workaround define to build...
2020-05-05 Eric Rueic6x linker: prevent potential linker error
2020-05-05 Don Dominic[AM64x-Zebu][DMSC] Use zebu sysfw bin in DMSC Launch... REL.CORESDK.
2020-05-05 Badri S[PDK-4974] MIBSPI: API guide documentation updates
2020-05-05 Badri S[PDK-5748] Bug fix for loopback mode data mismatch REL.CORESDK. REL.CORESDK.
2020-05-05 Aravind BatniPRSDK-8483: osal update to match the csl fix for m4f...
2020-05-05 Hao Zhangi2c: ADASVISION-2476: add timeout support in polling...
2020-05-04 Don Dominic[PDK-4957] UDMA : Enabled support for Unmapped Periph...
2020-05-04 Prasad Konnurfixed klocwork critical issues
2020-05-04 Don Dominic[PDK-5615] UDMA : Bug Fix for udma_eventConfig issue
2020-05-04 Badri SMIBSPI LLD: Bug fixes for c66xdsp and RCSS EDMA inst REL.CORESDK.
2020-05-03 sujithemac drv : remove unused section
2020-05-02 Badri SSPI LLD: DMA mode bug fixes REL.CORESDK.
2020-05-02 Sivaraj RRemove SBL and FW binary in allclean
2020-05-02 Sivaraj RExample info print
2020-05-01 Hao Zhangospi: am64x: add DMA support
2020-04-30 Don Dominic[UDMA] Initalize Board moduleClock in memcpy_baremetal_...
2020-04-30 sujithPDK-4946 : emac c++ build issue fixes
2020-04-30 Don Dominic[UDMA][PDK-4954][PDK-4955][PDK-5615][PDK-5363][PDK...
2020-04-30 Don Dominic[AM64x-Zebu][DMSC] DMSC Launch Script for AM64x-Zebu
2020-04-30 sujithPDK-4946 : Packageing ICSS firmware
2020-04-30 Badri SMIBSPI LLD: Migrate to mibspi lld from spi lld for... REL.CORESDK.
2020-04-30 Badri S[PDK-4927] SPI LLD for TPR12
2020-04-29 Prasad Konnur[Bugfix] PDK-5681: edma driver instance id are not... REL.CORESDK.