PASDK183: Updates for DTS legacy stream decode.
[processor-sdk/performance-audio-sr.git] / pasdk / test_arm / framework / audioStreamDecodeProc.c
2017-02-09 Chitresh GuptaPASDK183: Updates for DTS legacy stream decode.
2017-02-02 Chitresh GuptaPASDK183: Initial DTS modifications in framework.
2016-12-21 Chitresh GuptaMerge branch 'dev_pasdk_pp_pasdk69ArmDspCom' into ...
2016-12-12 Chitresh GuptaFix merge changes to support MAT-THD.
2016-12-12 Chitresh GuptaMerge branch 'dev_pasdk_govind' into 'dev_pasdk_pp_pasd...
2016-12-08 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: added support for NON_CACHE_STATUS.
2016-12-05 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: Added support for Non-cacheable DDR memory.
2016-11-29 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: added common API to access shared status struc...
2016-11-16 Govind Jeyarammerging from dev_pasdk_frank
2016-11-16 Frank LivingstonAdd code missing from manual merge
2016-11-16 Frank LivingstonManual merge from dev_pasdk_pp_thdintegration, commitId...
2016-11-11 Frank LivingstonRemove SW breakpoint on afCbWrite
2016-11-10 Frank LivingstonMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/dev_pasdk_...
2016-11-03 SuFixed AF PCM buffers memory size calculation problem.
2016-10-24 Chitresh GuptaCache coherence for Decoder status structure.
2016-10-11 Frank LivingstonManual merge from dev_pasdk_qin_thdintegration, commitI...
2016-10-11 Frank LivingstonManual merge from dev_pasdk_pp_work1, commitId=cf72f3b
2016-10-03 Frank LivingstonRemove processor_audio_sdk_1_00_00_00 subfolder