PASDK-183: merged latest framework updates.
[processor-sdk/performance-audio-sr.git] / pasdk /
2017-04-14 Chitresh GuptaPASDK-183: merged latest framework updates.
2017-04-14 Chitresh GuptaPASDK-183: updated DTSX max channels in Circular buffer.
2017-04-05 Chitresh GuptaPASDK-183: minor DTSX circular buffer change.
2017-04-05 Chitresh GuptaFixed bugs in Circular buffer.
2017-03-31 Chitresh GuptaPASDK-183: updated Paths for PDK in CCS projects.
2017-03-29 Chitresh GuptaPASDK-183: updated paf submodule for I2C macros.
2017-03-29 Chitresh GuptaPASDK-183: Updated IO driver code for driver improvement.
2017-03-29 Chitresh GuptaPASDK-183: minor code cleanup.
2017-03-09 Chitresh GuptaPASDK183: Updated paths and removed dolby components.
2017-03-02 Chitresh GuptaPASDK183: updated PAF submodule.
2017-02-23 Chitresh GuptaPASDK183: maxFramelength updated to 8192
2017-02-09 Chitresh GuptaPASDK183: Updates for DTS legacy stream decode.
2017-02-02 Chitresh GuptaPASDK183: Initial DTS modifications in framework.
2017-01-03 Chitresh GuptaPASDK150: Workaround for UART timeout due to Hwi_disable().
2016-12-23 Chitresh GuptaUpdates for DCS7 (UART SWI implementation). Fixed IPC...
2016-12-21 Chitresh GuptaPASDK150: Updated PAF submodule.
2016-12-21 Chitresh GuptaMerge branch 'dev_pasdk_pp_pasdk69ArmDspCom' into ...
2016-12-13 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: Created task for idleAudioStream(). Added...
2016-12-12 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: Updated paf and MAT-THD submodule.
2016-12-12 Chitresh GuptaFix merge changes to support MAT-THD.
2016-12-12 Chitresh GuptaMerge branch 'dev_pasdk_govind' into 'dev_pasdk_pp_pasd...
2016-12-08 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: updated ddp and paf submodules.
2016-12-08 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: updated DCS7 params.
2016-12-08 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: added support for NON_CACHE_STATUS.
2016-12-05 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: Added support for Non-cacheable DDR memory.
2016-12-01 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: updated DDP and PAF submodule.
2016-12-01 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: Created Non-Cacheable memory region.
2016-11-29 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: added common API to access shared status struc...
2016-11-16 Govind Jeyarammerging from dev_pasdk_frank
2016-11-16 Frank LivingstonAdd code missing from manual merge
2016-11-16 Frank LivingstonManual merge from dev_pasdk_pp_thdintegration, commitId...
2016-11-15 Frank LivingstonUpdate PAF to MAT-THD integration version. Update DCS7...
2016-11-11 Frank LivingstonRevert at-boot input shortcut to execPAIInHDMIStereo
2016-11-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate to test PASDK-80:DSP crashes when CAR dynamicall...
2016-11-11 Frank LivingstonRemove SW breakpoint on afCbWrite
2016-11-10 Frank LivingstonMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/dev_pasdk_...
2016-11-09 Frank LivingstonRe-order CAR and OAR in patches since OAR overwrites...
2016-11-09 Govind Jeyaram* Resolved Channel Swap Issue - for PASDK-101
2016-11-08 Frank LivingstonUpdate for PASDK-64: DDP Baseline: alpha commands over...
2016-11-03 LivingstonTesting for PASDK-38:Verify ARM crash doesn't happen
2016-11-03 SuChanges in generate mute frame - Use last audio frame...
2016-11-03 SuIncluded OAR in the ASP processing chain.
2016-11-03 SuFixed AF PCM buffers memory size calculation problem.
2016-10-24 Chitresh GuptaCache coherence for Decoder status structure.
2016-10-11 Frank LivingstonManual merge from dev_pasdk_qin_thdintegration, commitI...
2016-10-11 Frank LivingstonManual merge from dev_pasdk_pp_work1, commitId=cf72f3b
2016-10-10 Frank LivingstonUpdate paf submodule
2016-10-05 Frank LivingstonUpdate paf submodule
2016-10-05 Frank LivingstonManual merge from pp_harmonious_dev, commitId=3f99a8b
2016-10-04 Frank LivingstonUpdate include directories in test_dsp and test_arm...
2016-10-04 Frank LivingstonUpdate paf submodule
2016-10-04 Frank LivingstonUpdate paf submodule
2016-10-04 Frank LivingstonAdd paf as submodule
2016-10-04 Frank LivingstonUpdate test_arm CCS project for Dolby IP submodules
2016-10-04 Frank LivingstonUpdate test_arm and test_dsp CCS projects for Dolby...
2016-10-03 Frank LivingstonRemove processor_audio_sdk_1_00_00_00 subfolder