Add support for DDR shared heap. Note:algs use IALG_EXTERNAL_SHM, which is IALG_ESDATA.
[processor-sdk/performance-audio-sr.git] / processor_audio_sdk_1_00_00_00 / pasdk / common /
2016-09-19 Frank LivingstonAdd support for DDR shared heap. Note:algs use IALG_EXT...
2016-09-10 Frank LivingstonAdd Decoder Output Circular Buffer reset function
2016-09-09 Frank LivingstonChange Gate SR to 0, comment out debug traces
2016-09-09 Frank LivingstonAdd 1 16-bit word for EDMA padding for Input Driver
2016-09-08 Frank LivingstonFix various bugs:
2016-09-06 Frank LivingstonAdd GateMP for Decoder Output Circular Buffer
2016-09-06 Frank LivingstonAdd shared state for ASIT/ASOT. Add Decoder CB output...
2016-09-06 Frank LivingstonSplit Decoder Output Circular Buffer code between Maste...
2016-09-06 Frank LivingstonCustomize ASOT params, patchs, and configuration
2016-09-05 Frank LivingstonCustomize ASIT params, patchs, and configuration
2016-09-04 Frank LivingstonChange metadata buffer pointers types to match audio...
2016-09-04 Frank LivingstonCustomize ASDT params, patchs, and configuration
2016-09-04 Frank LivingstonSeveral updates
2016-09-02 Frank LivingstonFix dec output circ buffer PCM init, add read AF mute.
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonClean up metadata handling in Dec Op circular buffer...
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonUpdate Dec Output circular buffer
2016-08-25 Frank LivingstonAdd header for BSD-3-Clause
2016-08-19 Frank LivingstonChange root folder name, create pasdk subfolder