Update test_arm and test_dsp projects for new locations of IPC and PDK eng
[processor-sdk/performance-audio-sr.git] / processor_audio_sdk_1_00_00_00 / pasdk / test_arm / .cproject
2016-10-03 Frank LivingstonUpdate test_arm and test_dsp projects for new locations...
2016-10-03 Frank LivingstonMove components up one folder level
2016-09-30 Frank LivingstonUpdate app builds for new pdk folder
2016-09-04 Frank LivingstonCustomize ASDT params, patchs, and configuration
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonAdd DDP to ARM, remove AE0 from DSP
2016-08-19 Frank LivingstonChange root folder name, create pasdk subfolder