Add support for DDR shared heap. Note:algs use IALG_EXTERNAL_SHM, which is IALG_ESDATA.
[processor-sdk/performance-audio-sr.git] / processor_audio_sdk_1_00_00_00 / tools /
2016-09-11 Frank LivingstonAdd dap and bmda to alpha command files
2016-09-02 Frank LivingstonAdd ddp and oar alpha command files
2016-08-26 Frank LivingstonFix EOL problem with Python scripts
2016-08-25 Frank LivingstonUpdate python headers
2016-08-25 Frank LivingstonUpdate tools headers, remove unnessary files
2016-08-23 Frank LivingstonRemove Python .pyc files
2016-08-22 Frank LivingstonUpdate alpha header file package
2016-08-19 Frank LivingstonChange root folder name, create pasdk subfolder