2016-10-03 Frank LivingstonChange directory names in eclipse folder for RTSC plugi...
2016-10-03 Frank LivingstonAdd batch file to build alg libs
2016-10-03 Frank LivingstonMove components up one folder level
2016-09-30 Frank LivingstonRemove IPC eng .zip file
2016-09-30 Frank LivingstonUpdate gitattributes & gitignore
2016-09-30 Frank LivingstonAdd IPC eng release
2016-09-30 Frank LivingstonUpdate DSP app to select pdk eng RTSC component
2016-09-30 Frank LivingstonUpdate app builds for new pdk folder
2016-09-30 Frank LivingstonUpdate files in eclipse folder for RTSC plugin
2016-09-30 Frank LivingstonChange directory names in eclipse folder for RTSC plugin
2016-09-30 Frank LivingstonChange pdk_k2g_1_0_1 directory name in preparation...
2016-09-22 Frank LivingstonAdd alpha files for car
2016-09-22 Frank LivingstonFix typo
2016-09-22 Frank LivingstonInitial CAR integration (256 kB L2).
2016-09-22 Frank LivingstonFix typo in comment
2016-09-21 Frank LivingstonRemove DDPJOCDcodeModeDisable, change SYS ch cfg reques...
2016-09-19 Frank LivingstonIncrease at-boot master volume to 0 dB so no need to...
2016-09-19 Frank LivingstonAdd support for DDR shared heap. Note:algs use IALG_EXT...
2016-09-19 Frank LivingstonAdd comment for original nominal transfer size. Results...
2016-09-19 Frank LivingstonReduce at-boot master volume to -40 dB for connection...
2016-09-13 Frank LivingstonClean up DSP patchs
2016-09-13 Frank LivingstonWait for cached update on ARM before using information
2016-09-12 Frank LivingstonUpdate aboot.c for Ltr/Rtm sys ch cfg request and enc...
2016-09-12 Frank LivingstonAdd support for AC3 to framework
2016-09-12 Frank LivingstonAdd cbReset debug log
2016-09-12 Frank LivingstonGovind's changes to remove AC3, MAT-THD from EDID
2016-09-12 Frank LivingstonChange Enc channel map from for Ltm/Rtm
2016-09-11 Frank LivingstonAdd metadata initialization to cbInit routines
2016-09-11 Frank LivingstonFix metadata buffer size in ARM/DSP params
2016-09-11 Frank LivingstonAdd Govind's changes for new HSR4/interconnect boards...
2016-09-11 Frank LivingstonAdd dap and bmda to alpha command files
2016-09-10 Frank LivingstonCurrently DAP only works for analog. Add at-boot shortc...
2016-09-10 Frank LivingstonFrom Qin-DAP integration
2016-09-10 Frank LivingstonAdd Decoder Output Circular Buffer reset function
2016-09-10 Frank LivingstonAdd Govind's changes for new HSR4/interconnect boards...
2016-09-09 Frank LivingstonChange Gate SR to 0, comment out debug traces
2016-09-09 Frank LivingstonAdd 1 16-bit word for EDMA padding for Input Driver
2016-09-09 Frank LivingstonFix typo in prototype
2016-09-09 Frank LivingstonAdd Govind's changes to pdk platform lib for new HSR4...
2016-09-09 Frank LivingstonAdd Govind's changes for new HSR4/interconnect boards
2016-09-08 Frank LivingstonFix various bugs:
2016-09-07 Frank LivingstonFix DSP patchs
2016-09-07 Frank LivingstonFix ARM patchs
2016-09-06 Frank LivingstonAdd GateMP for Decoder Output Circular Buffer
2016-09-06 Frank LivingstonAdd shared state for ASIT/ASOT. Add Decoder CB output...
2016-09-06 Frank LivingstonFix DSP params for custom ASOT params
2016-09-06 Frank LivingstonSplit Decoder Output Circular Buffer code between Maste...
2016-09-06 Frank LivingstonCustomize ASOT params, patchs, and configuration
2016-09-05 Frank LivingstonCustomize ASIT params, patchs, and configuration
2016-09-04 Frank LivingstonChange metadata buffer pointers types to match audio...
2016-09-04 Frank LivingstonFix ARM params for custom ASDT params
2016-09-04 Frank LivingstonCustomize ASDT params, patchs, and configuration
2016-09-04 Frank LivingstonSeveral updates
2016-09-02 Frank LivingstonFix cache_wait in ARM decode task
2016-09-02 Frank LivingstonFix dec output circ buffer PCM init, add read AF mute.
2016-09-02 Frank LivingstonEnable execution analysis in sys/bios configuration...
2016-09-02 Frank LivingstonAdd OAR to master alpha command file
2016-09-02 Frank LivingstonAdd OAR to dsp build
2016-09-02 Frank LivingstonFix typo in comment
2016-09-02 Frank LivingstonAdd ddp and oar alpha command files
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonClean up metadata handling in Dec Op circular buffer...
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonAdd ddp back to i13_a.h
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonUpdate dec status & beta table sharing between ARM...
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonUpdate logs
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonRemove temporary set of sourceSelect=none in Output...
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonAdd DDP to ARM, remove AE0 from DSP
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonFix simAcDebug DSP build profile
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonFix typo in DSP sys/bios configuration file
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonAdd HDMI configuration back to audio input driver init
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonFix syntax error in ARM sys/bios config file
2016-09-01 Frank LivingstonUpdate Dec Output circular buffer
2016-08-26 Frank LivingstonFix setup guide
2016-08-26 Frank LivingstonUpdate setup guide based on feedback from Govind
2016-08-26 Frank LivingstonFix EOL problem with Python scripts
2016-08-26 Frank LivingstonUpdate setup guide
2016-08-26 Frank LivingstonUpdate setup guide
2016-08-26 Frank LivingstonUpdate docs
2016-08-25 Frank LivingstonUpdate python headers
2016-08-25 Frank LivingstonFix headers
2016-08-25 Frank LivingstonUpdate tools headers, remove unnessary files
2016-08-25 Frank LivingstonAdd header for BSD-3-Clause
2016-08-24 Frank LivingstonUpdate ReadMe.txt, add setup guide
2016-08-23 Frank LivingstonAdd .pyc to .gitignore
2016-08-23 Frank LivingstonRemove Python .pyc files
2016-08-22 Frank LivingstonUpdate environment setup batch file
2016-08-22 Frank LivingstonChange name of readme file
2016-08-22 Frank LivingstonUpdate alpha header file package
2016-08-22 Frank LivingstonRemove HSR4 initialization for delivery to customer
2016-08-19 Frank LivingstonChange root folder name, create pasdk subfolder
2016-08-19 Frank LivingstonMove location of alpha folder
2016-08-19 Frank LivingstonRemove alpha header file package creation script--...
2016-08-19 Frank LivingstonRemove redundant bin folder (contents present in paf...
2016-08-18 Frank LivingstonAdd pyalpha tool, (legacy) bin files, and updates make_...
2016-08-18 Frank LivingstonUpdate i13_a.h alpha file includes.
2016-08-16 Frank LivingstonAdd AE0 to build_libs.bat
2016-08-16 Frank LivingstonAdd AE0 ASP (default disabled) to ASP chain
2016-08-16 Frank LivingstonRemove bug introduced in commitId=0a623a0, multiple...
2016-08-15 Frank LivingstonAdd diferent commented out I/O options to CUS at-boot...
2016-08-15 Frank LivingstonClean up some comments
2016-08-15 Frank LivingstonRemove DDP specified debug code from default build...