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2017-01-26 Frank LivingstonUpdate capIb to account for input buffer wrap. Add...
2017-01-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate for PASDK150
2017-01-10 Frank LivingstonMerge updates for PASDK-114
2017-01-10 Frank LivingstonUpdate Debug_pkgs builds
2017-01-10 Frank LivingstonMerge updates for PASDK-69
2017-01-03 Chitresh Guptaresolved merge issues.
2017-01-03 Chitresh GuptaMerge branch 'dev_pasdk_pp_pasdk69ArmDspCom' into ...
2017-01-03 Chitresh GuptaPASDK114: updated submodule.
2017-01-03 Chitresh GuptaPASDK150: Workaround for UART timeout due to Hwi_disable().
2016-12-29 Chitresh GuptaPASDK114: updated PAF and MAT-THD submodule.
2016-12-28 Chitresh GuptaPASDK114: Bug in Circular buffer fixed for MAT streams...
2016-12-28 Chitresh GuptaFixed IPC init issue.
2016-12-23 Chitresh GuptaUpdates for DCS7 (UART SWI implementation). Fixed IPC...
2016-12-21 Chitresh GuptaPASDK150: Updated PAF submodule.
2016-12-21 Chitresh GuptaMerge branch 'dev_pasdk_pp_pasdk69ArmDspCom' into ...
2016-12-21 Frank LivingstonUpdate PAF submodule
2016-12-18 Frank LivingstonAdd target platform and version number for generated...
2016-12-13 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: Created task for idleAudioStream(). Added...
2016-12-12 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: Updated paf and MAT-THD submodule.
2016-12-12 Chitresh GuptaFix merge changes to support MAT-THD.
2016-12-12 Chitresh GuptaMerge branch 'dev_pasdk_govind' into 'dev_pasdk_pp_pasd...
2016-12-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate PAF submodule
2016-12-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate intrinsics submodule
2016-12-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate DDP submodule
2016-12-11 Frank LivingstonAdd custom clean rule for mat-thd libraries
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonAdd more build artifacts to gitignore
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonRemove original platform lib code -- can be obtained...
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonRemove SPI LLD build artifacts
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonRemove I2C LLD build artifacts
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonRemove UART LLD build artifacts
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonSingle .gitignore for super repo
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonAdd some build artifacts to gitignore
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonAdd custom make rules for UART, SPI, and I2C LLDs
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonUpdate build scripts to remove check IP soure files...
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonUpdate ARM Debug_pkgs to use app_pkgs.cmd
2016-12-10 Frank LivingstonUpdate setup guide to v0.3 for Alpha-2 release
2016-12-09 Frank LivingstonUpdate submodules
2016-12-09 Frank LivingstonUpdate processor audio sdk version number
2016-12-08 Frank LivingstonRemove setup guide from OS package creation
2016-12-08 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: updated ddp and paf submodules.
2016-12-08 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: updated DCS7 params.
2016-12-08 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: added support for NON_CACHE_STATUS.
2016-12-07 Frank LivingstonUpdate FD package creation: pa parent folder and DOC...
2016-12-07 Frank LivingstonUpdate paf submodule
2016-12-07 Frank LivingstonRemove checkIp.h header file from OS package
2016-12-07 Frank LivingstonUpdate FD package generation to use existing component...
2016-12-07 Frank LivingstonRetain stderr.h and bmerr.h in OS package
2016-12-07 Frank LivingstonFix scripts directory locatio
2016-12-07 Frank LivingstonUpdate oar package include for dlb_buffer.h
2016-12-07 Frank LivingstonUpdate alpha command files to not include dap
2016-12-07 Frank LivingstonFix DSP Debug_pkgs build
2016-12-06 Frank LivingstonReverse order of parameters to build_ccs_projects.bat
2016-12-06 Frank LivingstonChange OS package name
2016-12-06 Frank LivingstonRemove DEL3 from FD package
2016-12-06 Frank LivingstonAdd cygwin to path end instead of path start so git...
2016-12-06 Frank LivingstonUpdate paf submodule
2016-12-06 Frank LivingstonSmall fixes for build profile
2016-12-06 Frank LivingstonRemove unnecessary cd
2016-12-05 Frank LivingstonUpdate pyAlpha from ssh://git@bitbucket.itg.ti.com...
2016-12-05 Frank LivingstonAdd Debug, Release, and SDF build profiles. This allows...
2016-12-05 Frank LivingstonAdd nul to directory existence check
2016-12-05 Frank Livingston Add OS package creation script
2016-12-05 Frank LivingstonMove DH-IP package creation outside of CCS project...
2016-12-05 Frank LivingstonAdd FD package creation script
2016-12-05 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: Added support for Non-cacheable DDR memory.
2016-12-02 Frank LivingstonAdd ARM/DSP debug build profiles which use generated...
2016-12-02 Frank LivingstonSave / restore path before / after PDK LLD libraries...
2016-12-02 Frank LivingstonRemove unzip (git tools) from path since this disturbs...
2016-12-02 Frank LivingstonUpdate build scripts for package creation
2016-12-02 Frank LivingstonAdd brute force reset of environment after PDK LLD...
2016-12-02 Frank LivingstonUpdate package creation script. Work in progress.
2016-12-01 Frank LivingstonUpdate build scripts for auto build
2016-12-01 Frank LivingstonMove build batch files to scripts folder
2016-12-01 Frank LivingstonChange ENC channel map from for 7.1
2016-12-01 Frank LivingstonChange DDP at-boot configuration to 7.1
2016-12-01 Frank LivingstonUse already installed sed instead of cygwin sed for...
2016-12-01 Frank LivingstonAdd comment in at-boot for 12-speaker layout SYS channe...
2016-12-01 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: updated DDP and PAF submodule.
2016-12-01 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: Created Non-Cacheable memory region.
2016-11-30 Frank LivingstonUpdate PAF and component build batch files.
2016-11-30 Frank LivingstonAdd BMDA configuration for at-boot DDP 5.1.2 speaker...
2016-11-30 Frank LivingstonMerge branch 'dev_pasdk_govind' into dev_pasdk_frank
2016-11-30 Frank LivingstonChange at-boot configuration to DDP
2016-11-29 Chitresh GuptaPASDK69: added common API to access shared status struc...
2016-11-28 Frank LivingstonRemove MAT-THD decoder at-boot commands for BMDA testing
2016-11-28 Frank LivingstonAdd at-boot testing configuration for MAT-THD decoder.
2016-11-28 Frank LivingstonAdd BMDA to DSP build
2016-11-28 Frank LivingstonRemove debug SW_BREAKPOINT.
2016-11-28 Frank LivingstonUpdate paf version. Required to run make_sw to generate...
2016-11-23 Frank LivingstonUpdate for DA10x checkIP (PASDK-140)
2016-11-16 Govind Jeyarammerging from dev_pasdk_frank
2016-11-16 Frank LivingstonAdd code missing from manual merge
2016-11-16 Frank LivingstonManual merge from dev_pasdk_pp_thdintegration, commitId...
2016-11-15 Frank LivingstonUpdate PAF to MAT-THD integration version. Update DCS7...
2016-11-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate CAR submodule
2016-11-11 Frank LivingstonRevert at-boot input shortcut to execPAIInHDMIStereo
2016-11-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate to test PASDK-80:DSP crashes when CAR dynamicall...
2016-11-11 Frank LivingstonUpdate to test PASDK-80:DSP crashes when CAR dynamicall...
2016-11-11 Frank LivingstonRemove SW breakpoint on afCbWrite
2016-11-10 Frank LivingstonMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/dev_pasdk_...