2016-08-11 SuAdded OAR and BMDA path in the include options.
2016-08-04 SuAdded metadata support in circular buffering. Integrate...
2016-07-29 SuChanged pingpong buffering of DDP in circular buffer...
2016-07-29 Su1. added setting ASOT priority in DSP systemInit.c.
2016-07-22 Frank LivingstonAdd params.c and patchs.c
2016-07-21 Frank LivingstonAST split, initial code
2016-07-15 Frank LivingstonAdd code to SYS/BIOS .cfg file to allow Execution Analysis
2016-07-14 Frank LivingstonAdd information to readme_demo.txt update log
2016-07-14 Frank LivingstonMerge branch 'master' of
2016-07-14 Frank LivingstonAdd note concernign <root>=c:\ti to readme_demo.txt
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonUpdate readme_demo.txt to include instructions for...
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonUpdate UART LLD makefile to only build k2g c66x, little...
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonUpdate UART LLD for PP discovered issues. Add new heade...
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonUpdate pinmux settings for UART0
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonUpdate UART LLD for PP discovered issues.
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonUpdate build_libs.bat to include dcs7 lib
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonAdd .gitignore for test_dsp
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonAdd DCS7 & AFP
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonForward slash in directory names
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonFix capture buffer name
2016-07-08 Frank LivingstonFix config.bld DDR3 size
2016-06-30 Frank LivingstonUpdate IPC version in setup_env.bat
2016-06-30 Frank LivingstonAdd PAF libs build step
2016-06-27 Frank LivingstonAdd .gitignore
2016-06-27 Frank LivingstonAdd more information to readme
2016-06-27 Frank LivingstonAdd batch files for building A15/C66x PAF libraries
2016-06-27 Frank LivingstonAdd audio input driver updates from Govind
2016-06-27 Frank LivingstonAdd pdk folder
2016-06-27 Frank LivingstonRemove pdk .zip file
2016-06-20 Frank LivingstonUpdate readme_demo.txt
2016-06-20 Frank LivingstonUpdate procsdk_audio_typ.h location (temporary)
2016-06-20 Frank LivingstonUpdate procsdk_audio_typ.h location (temporary)
2016-06-20 Frank Livingstonreadme_demo.txt
2016-06-20 Frank LivingstonAdd demo source code
2016-06-20 Frank LivingstonAdd ipc .zip file
2016-06-20 Frank LivingstonAdd pdk .zip file
2016-06-20 Frank LivingstonAdd .gitattributes