11 days ago Nick Saulnierexamples: define DCFLAGS for AM65x and J7es master v5.8.0
11 days ago Nick Saulnierlabs: Update AM65x Hands_on_Labs cmd files
2021-03-16 Suman Annalabs: Fixup AM65x linker command files for resource...
2021-03-16 Suman Annaexamples/j721e: Fixup linker command files for resource...
2021-03-16 Suman Annaexamples/am65x: Fixup linker command files for resource...
2020-05-01 Nick Saulnierlabs: update AM65x linker command files v5.7.0
2020-05-01 Nick Saulnierexamples: add TRM links to READMEs
2020-04-30 Nick SaulnierManifest: Update Manifest from v6.0 to v6.1
2020-04-22 Suman Annaheaders: Remove types.h header file
2020-04-22 Suman Annaheaders: Use standard integer types in pru_virtio_ring.h
2020-04-22 Suman Annaexamples/am65x: Update the examples for AM65x SR2.0
2020-04-22 Suman Annaexamples/am65x: Update labels in linker command files
2020-04-22 Suman Annaexamples/am65x: Cleanup Halt and MAC_Multiply_Accum...
2019-12-17 Nick Saulnierlabs: fix makefiles for Labs v5.6.0
2019-12-10 Nick Saulnierlabs: Add the PRU Getting Started Labs
2019-12-09 Nick Saulnieram65x examples: add ReadMe
2019-12-09 Nick SaulnierPRU_gpioToggle: toggle all GPO pins by default
2019-11-01 Nick SaulnierManifest: Update Manifest from v5.0 to v6.0
2019-09-06 Suman AnnaExamples: J721E: Add Halt examples v5.5.0
2019-09-06 Suman AnnaExamples: J721E: Add RPMsg examples for J721E SoCs
2019-09-05 Suman AnnaJ721E: Add header file for ICSSG INTC
2019-08-02 Nick SaulnierLabs: Use FW_RSC_ADDR_ANY for vring device addresses
2019-08-02 Suman AnnaExamples: Use FW_RSC_ADDR_ANY for vring device addresses
2019-03-27 Suman Annarsc_types: Add the definition of FW_RSC_ADDR_ANY
2019-02-06 Nick Saulnierexamples/am335x: update comments
2018-11-27 Nick Saulnierexamples/am335x/PRU_ADC_onChip: bug fixes v5.4.0
2018-09-10 Nick Saulnierexamples/am335x: rename PRU_ADC to PRU_ADC_onChip v5.3.0
2018-08-28 Nick Saulnierlabs: Lab_0, Lab_5 cleanup
2018-08-27 Nick Saulnierexamples: fixed dates
2018-08-27 Nick Saulnierexamples, labs: Linux kernel 4.14 Resource Table
2018-08-27 Nick Saulnierexamples/am65x: re-updated linker command files
2018-08-27 Nick SaulnierRPMsg: Add RPMSG_MESSAGE_SIZE
2018-08-27 Nick Saulnierlabs: add lab_0
2018-08-13 Nick Saulnierexamples/am65x: updated linker command files
2018-08-12 Nick Saulnierexamples/am65x: added Halt, MAC_Multiply_Accum
2018-08-12 Nick Saulnierexamples/am65x: updated RPMsg examples
2018-08-12 Nick Saulnierinclude/am65x: added generated ICSSG header files
2018-07-25 Nick Saulnierexamples: Update RPMsg payload message length v5.2.1
2018-07-25 Nick Saulnierexamples/am335x: Add PRU_ADC example
2018-07-25 Nick Saulnierexamples: Bug fixes for EMCR addr
2018-07-25 Nick Saulnierexamples: Update DDR len in Linkr Cmd Files
2018-06-27 Suman AnnaExamples: AM65x: Add RPMsg examples for AM65x SoCs v5.2.0
2018-06-27 Suman AnnaAM65x: Add preliminary header file for ICSSG INTC
2018-06-22 Suman Annapru_types: Add a new custom intc resource structure...
2018-06-22 Suman Annapru_types: Deprecate fw_rsc_custom_ints version field
2018-06-22 Suman Annarsc_types: Sync up remoteproc resource types with TI...
2018-01-02 Jason Reederpru_demo: update fw path in StarterWare Makefile
2017-05-24 Jason ReederUpdating PRU UART header file for the AM572x 2.0
2016-11-15 Jason ReederMimic the StarterWare PRU cape demo on Linux console v5.1.0
2016-11-15 Jason ReederFixed an ECAP interrupt issue in the TempSensor demo
2016-11-14 Jason ReederUpdate the BeagleBoneBlack PRU cape dtsi file
2016-11-14 Jason ReederFix incorrect pinout in PRU cape dtsi files
2016-09-07 Jason ReederMake it more clear that CCS is not needed to build fws v5.0.1
2016-09-06 Jason Reeder[WIP] Updating makefiles using script
2016-09-06 Jason ReederAdding MCSPI headers for AM335x, AM437x, and AM572x
2016-08-30 Jason ReederFixes an rpmsg bug concerning available buffers
2016-07-22 Jason ReederCorrecting capitalization in RPMsg example comments
2016-07-22 Jason ReederRemove SYSCFG accesses from AM437x PRUSS0 code
2016-07-11 Suman AnnaExamples: Update Readme files
2016-07-11 Jason ReederAdd hex utility output to the PRU_RPMsg_LED0 fimware
2016-06-24 Jason ReederRemove the hex utility step from lab projects
2016-06-23 Jason ReederIndentation and comment fixes in RPMsg code
2016-06-23 Jason ReederImprove the abstraction of RPMsg lib and examples
2016-06-20 Jason ReederFurther line ending and trailing whitespace cleanup
2016-06-15 Jason ReederUpdate the software manifest to version 5.0.0 v5.0.0
2016-05-20 Jason ReederAdd includes and examples for k2g (66AK2G02)
2016-05-20 Jason ReederConvert RPMsg examples from mailboxes to interrupts
2016-05-09 Andrew F. DavisReformat code and remove whitespace errors
2016-05-09 Andrew F. DavisRemove exacutable bit from file permissions for code...
2016-04-28 Jason ReederPRUSS0 enablement patch update to latest SDK
2016-04-19 Jason ReederAdding header files for the ADCs on AM437x devices
2016-03-16 Jason ReederDifferentiate between AM572x silicon revisions v4.0.2
2016-03-15 Jason ReederRemoving code that causes compiler warnings
2016-01-28 Jason ReederAbility to use PRUSS0 instead of PRUSS1 on AM437x
2016-01-27 Jason ReederAdding PAGE 2 to the hex utility input files
2016-01-27 Jason ReederMoving PRU_SHAREDMEM to PAGE 2 in the linker files
2015-11-18 Jason ReederRemove the patches directory v4.0.1
2015-11-17 Jason ReederCorrecting a typo in the BBB PRU cape dtsi file
2015-11-16 Jason ReederRefer to hdmi and sound node using absolute path
2015-10-16 Jason ReederModifying CCS build configurations v4.0.0
2015-10-16 Jason ReederUpdating the ReadMe files
2015-10-16 Jason ReederUpdating the Software Manifest file
2015-10-15 Jason ReederHeader file corrections
2015-10-14 Jason ReederPutting a halt example into each device folder
2015-10-14 Jason ReederRemoving AM571x examples from this release
2015-10-14 Jason ReederAdding example for the AM57xx devices
2015-10-14 Jason ReederUpdating the CCS build configurations
2015-10-14 Jason ReederUpdating commit messages and checkPatch warnings
2015-10-14 Jason ReederAdded a status check in the RPMsg examples
2015-10-13 Jason ReederUpdate the labs/cape examples include folder
2015-10-13 Jason ReederDecouple the RPMsg library from the MBX internals
2015-10-13 Jason ReederChanging the name of the structure instances to match
2015-10-13 Jason ReederAdding RPMsg examples for AM571x and AM572x
2015-10-13 Jason ReederCopy examples into device-specific folders
2015-10-13 Jason ReederAdding patches to fix the RPMsg highmem issue
2015-10-09 Jason ReederFirst pass at adding device specific header files
2015-09-28 Jason ReederRemove the divide by 4 from the const table example
2015-08-17 Jason ReederUpdating the software manifest for v3.0 v3.0.0
2015-08-13 Jason ReederUpdating the BSD License header in the source code
2015-08-10 Jason ReederChanging the copyright date to 2015