descriptionRPMsg/IPC kernel repositories for OMAPx & AMx SoCs - TI Linux iommu driver feature tree for OMAPx & DRA7xx/AM57xx.
last changeTue, 12 Mar 2019 00:02:09 +0000 (19:02 -0500)
2019-03-12 Suman Annaiommu/omap: Fix a typo in the public omap-iommu.h file iommu-linux-4.19.y
2019-03-03 Suman Annaiommu/omap: introduce new API for runtime suspend/resum...
2019-03-03 Suman Annaiommu/omap: Add system suspend/resume support
2019-03-03 Suman Annaiommu/omap: add logic to save/restore locked TLBs
2019-03-03 Suman Annaiommu/omap: streamline enable/disable through runtime...
2019-03-03 Suman AnnaARM: OMAP2+: add pdata-quirks for OMAP3 ISP IOMMU
2019-03-03 Suman AnnaARM: OMAP2+: Add iommu pdata-quirks for DRA7 DSP EDMA...
2019-03-03 Suman AnnaARM: OMAP2+: plug in device_enable/idle ops for IOMMUs
2019-03-03 Suman Annaiommu/omap: add pdata ops for omap_device_enable/idle
2019-03-03 Suman AnnaARM: OMAP2+: Add workaround for DRA7 DSP MStandby errat...
2019-03-03 Suman AnnaARM: OMAP2+: Extend DRA7 IPU1 MMU pdata quirks to DSP...
2019-03-03 Suman AnnaARM: OMAP2+: Use separate IOMMU pdata to fix DRA7 IPU1...
2019-03-03 Suman Annaiommu/omap: Fix boot issue on remoteprocs with AMMU...
2019-03-03 Suman AnnaARM: dts: dra74x: Enable DSP2 IOMMU nodes
2019-03-03 Suman AnnaARM: dts: dra7: Enable common IPU and DSP IOMMU nodes
2019-03-03 Suman AnnaARM: OMAP2+: Extend iommu pdata-quirks to DRA74x DSP2
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