descriptionExternal emulation and development tools - dsptop, similar to the Linux top utility, provides visibility to usage data for TI multicore DSP-ARM SoC devices such as the 66AK2Hxx family.
last changeThu, 9 May 2019 19:53:31 +0000 (14:53 -0500)
2019-05-09 Mark GarrettTemperature module: Include header for of_device_id. master
2019-05-09 Mark GarrettInclude header for of_device_id.
2016-09-15 Mark GarrettBump minor for fifo mode.
2016-08-22 Yuan ZhaoAdd fifo mode to dsptop output
2016-08-19 Yuan ZhaoDRA7xx: power on DSP when dsptop starts
2016-03-14 Mark GarrettEnable debugss for AM5728x PG2.0
2016-03-10 Mark GarrettFix debugss driver for K2E
2015-07-10 Mark GarrettUpdate debian/install for temperature/debugss modules
2015-07-09 Mark GarrettUpdate temp-mod to be Yocto compatible
2015-05-15 Mark GarrettInital yocto release v1.2.0-0
5 years ago v1.2.0-0 Initial yocto release
23 months ago master