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2021-03-02 Brad Griffis[DDR] add some diagnostic prints main
2020-06-03 Brad Griffisfix typo in padconf README
2019-11-07 Brad Griffis[boot] updates to tracing vectors
2019-08-16 Brad GriffisUse unix line endings for target bash scripts
2019-07-02 Brad Griffis[DDR] more diagnostic prints
2019-07-02 Brad Griffis[DDR] Add some additional diagnostics for proper operat...
2019-06-06 Brad GriffisHardware requirements
2019-05-10 Brad Griffis[DDR] Clarify on PWR_MGMT_CTRL errors/warnings
2019-05-10 Brad Griffis[DDR] Warn if auto power management is enabled
2019-04-25 Brad Griffis[DDR] Recommend read termination for DDR3 designs
2019-04-25 Brad Griffis[DDR] Additional checking of DDR_PHY_CTRL_1[reg_read_la...
2019-04-25 Brad Griffis[DDR] formatting
2019-04-25 Brad Griffis[DDR] Full decoding of SDRAM_CONFIG register
2019-04-25 Brad Griffis[DDR] Add parsing of DPLL_DDR
2019-04-23 Brad GriffisConditionally switch back to DAP_M3
2019-04-23 Brad Griffis[DDR] check if DAP_M3 values are sane
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