2020-06-03 Brad GriffisFix typo in padconf README main
2019-08-16 Brad GriffisUse unix line endings for target bash scripts
2019-06-06 Brad GriffisHardware requirements
2019-05-03 Brad Griffis[DDR] decode CTRL_EMIF_SDRAM_CONFIG_EXT
2019-05-03 Brad Griffis[DDR] Formatting, add some extra line breaks
2019-05-03 Brad Griffis[DDR] Check DPLL_DDR frequencies
2019-04-22 Brad GriffisAdd checking of ext_phy_ctrl_36
2019-04-22 Brad GriffisAdd checking of DDR_PHY_CTRL_1[READ_LAT] field
2019-03-20 Brad GriffisAdd AM4 boot analysis script
2019-01-09 Brad GriffisPadconf Documentation
2019-01-09 Brad GriffisPython script for decoding pinmuxing from rd1 file
2019-01-09 Brad GriffisData file for use by Python script in decoding pinmuxing
2019-01-09 Brad GriffisBash script for creating rd1 file from Linux terminal
2019-01-08 Brad GriffisAdd script for scraping all padconf registers
2018-12-26 Brad GriffisFix typo in README file
2018-09-28 Brad GriffisGive some high level usage info
2018-07-04 Brad GriffisAdd error handling for RTC_PWRONRSTn grounded
2018-07-04 Brad GriffisAutomatically use DAP_M3 or DAP_DebugSS
2018-06-15 Brad Griffis[AM4] Fix IOCTRL parsing
2018-06-15 Brad Griffis[AM4] Additional bitfield decoding of SDRAM_CONFIG
2018-06-15 Brad Griffis[AM4] Added checking of EXT_PHY_CTRL_1
2018-06-15 Brad Griffis[AM4] Updated register definitions to match TRM
2018-06-15 Brad Griffis[AM4] Updated decoding of DDR_PHY_CTRL_1
2018-06-15 Brad GriffisRemove some lines that were previously commented out
2018-06-15 Brad GriffisInitial commit of am43xx-ddr-analysis.dss
2017-04-11 Brad GriffisAlign with CTT-SITARA AM43xx
2017-03-02 Brad GriffisUpdate device string in output rd1
2017-02-17 Brad GriffisAdd register definitions
2017-02-17 Brad GriffisStarter file for am43xx CTT
2017-02-17 Brad GriffisConfigure line endings for this repo