remove redundant registers
[sitara-dss-files/am57xx-dss-files.git] / am57xx-ddr.dss
2019-09-12 Brad Griffis[DDR] print ECC error registers
2019-08-22 Brad Griffis[DDR] additional registers and decoding for ECC
2019-02-19 Brad Griffis[DDR] formatting
2019-02-19 Brad Griffis[DDR] Add PHY_STATUS registers
2019-02-19 Brad Griffis[DDR] Add parsing of DPLL_DDR
2019-02-19 Brad GriffisFix issue printing registers with MSB=1
2019-02-18 Brad GriffisDDR: Decode LISA entries
2019-02-18 Brad GriffisAdd EXT_PHY_CONTROL_xx regs plus CTRL_SDRAM_CONFIG_EXT
2018-12-28 Brad Griffis[AM57xx DDR] add decoding of DDR_PHY_CONTROL_1
2018-12-27 Brad GriffisCreate am57xx-ddr.dss for checking DDR configuration