2019-01-09 Brad GriffisAdd xml files needed by Python script
2019-01-09 Brad GriffisAdd bash script for extracting rd1 file with Linux...
2019-01-09 Brad GriffisCreate padconf/ directory for all related files
2019-01-09 Brad GriffisRename am57xx-pinmux.dss to be more consistent
2019-01-04 Brad GriffisNew file for dumping pinmux related registers
2018-12-28 Brad Griffis[AM57xx DDR] add decoding of DDR_PHY_CONTROL_1
2018-12-27 Brad GriffisCreate am57xx-ddr.dss for checking DDR configuration
2018-12-27 Brad GriffisAdd boot decoder for AM57xx devices
2018-12-26 Brad GriffisAdd README file
2018-12-26 Brad GriffisCreate AM57xx clock tree tool script
2017-02-17 Brad GriffisFile name update
2017-02-17 Brad GriffisSpecify Windows carriage returns
2017-01-19 Brad GriffisInitial commit