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last changeThu, 4 Feb 2021 14:25:39 +0000 (08:25 -0600)
2021-02-04 Brad Griffisremove redundant registers main
2021-01-29 Brad Griffisadd register for ABB setup and ctrl
2021-01-22 Brad Griffisadd ABBLDO setup and ctrl registers
2021-01-22 Brad Griffisexit if csv creation fails
2021-01-22 Brad GriffisPrint ID_CODE and print certain registers only if AM574...
2021-01-22 Brad Griffisdecode LDOVBB_xxx_VOLTAGE_CTRL
2021-01-22 Brad Griffisprint device ID info
2021-01-22 Brad Griffisrelocate writing of csv header
2021-01-22 Brad GriffisWrite decoded ABB-AVS values to csv
2021-01-22 Brad Griffisadd helper functions for reading data and decoding...
2021-01-22 Brad Griffisadd helper function for bit extraction
2021-01-22 Brad GriffisPython script to parse AVS-ABB rd1
2021-01-22 Brad Griffiscreate shell script for collecting AVS/ABB info
2021-01-22 Brad Griffisadd .gitignore file
2020-06-03 Brad Griffisfix typo in padconf README
2019-12-06 Brad Griffis[padconf] remove spaces after comma in csv output
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