2020-06-03 Brad Griffisfix typo in padconf README main
2019-12-10 Brad Griffis[CTT] Collect CTRLMMR_WKUP_DEVSTAT to enable auto clock...
2019-12-06 Brad Griffis[padconf] remove spaces after commas in csv output
2019-11-13 Brad Griffis[padconf] make compatible with both python2 and python3
2019-08-16 Brad GriffisUse unix line endings for *.sh files
2019-08-16 Brad Griffis[padconf] Decode TX_DIS, SLEWRATE, and pull type
2019-08-16 Brad Griffis[padconf] Add column for reporting Ball
2019-08-16 Brad GriffisDecode rd1 file to understand pinmuxing
2019-08-16 Brad GriffisCreate top-level tag for xml file
2019-08-15 Brad GriffisAdd all PADCONFIG registers
2019-08-15 Brad GriffisAlign register names with TRM
2019-08-15 Brad GriffisAlign register naming with TRM
2019-08-15 Brad GriffisPadconf related files
2019-06-06 Brad GriffisHardware requirements
2019-03-19 Brad GriffisAdd comment on intended usage of bash script
2019-03-19 Brad GriffisAM65xx: Linux Bash script for dumping ctt
2019-03-19 Brad GriffisAM65xx: Add DSS CTT
2019-03-19 Brad GriffisAdd AM65xx README
2019-03-07 Brad GriffisStart repo