arm:omap:am335x: Add cpuidle related board data
[sitara-epos/sitara-epos-kernel.git] / arch / arm / mach-omap2 / board-am335xevm.c
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am335x: Add cpuidle related board data
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am335x - Add support for UART 2
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Cham335x: tsl2550: Add ambient light sensor support
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Cham335x: Add TI TMP275 temperature sensor support
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Cham335x: lis33ldlh: Add accelerometer support to AM335X
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Create an alias for sgx/gfx clock
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Create an alias for pruss clock
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizeram335x-evm: beta evm bringup changes for wlan and bt
2012-01-23 Amit ShahARM:OMAP:AM33XX: Add PROFIBUS support
2012-01-23 Goutam KumarAM335XEVM: Volume Keys Support Added.
2012-01-23 Goutam KumarAM335XEVM: Matrix GPIO Keypad support added
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizeram335x-evm: wl12xx pin mux detection between rev1.0...
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizerboard-am335xevm: changes for working with catalog wl127...
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Chcan: d_can: Add platform data for am33xx device
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:cpsw: Enable/Disable gig support for different...
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:am335x: CPSW autonegotiates to 10 mbps for...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: TLK110 PHY support
2012-01-23 Steve Kipiszarm:omap:am33xx: Add eeprom board detection logic for...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Update the pinmux table for IA EVM
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: Add support for UART3 on IA EVM
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: Board support for AM335X IA EVM
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizerarm:omap:am33xx: add platform support for wlan and...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav BediaARM:omap3:am335x evm: Add support for RTC
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am335x - Support for SPI flash device is added
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: Register HSMMC Platform on AM335x EVM
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: Register McASP Platform on AM335x EVM
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: ADD support for i2c-1 instance
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharch:arm:nand - Changing SPL and U-boot partition permi...
2012-01-23 Sugumar Natarajanarm:omap:am335x - Support for NAND flash device is...
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar Guptaam335x: add musb support
2012-01-23 Patil, Rachnaarm:omap:am33xx: Add TSC driver board hookup
2012-01-23 Chandan NathAM335X: CPSW pinmux configuration. (SOC related)
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Add LCDC platform hookup and init...
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: LCD backlight support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Update EVM Detection and handling
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: board_init pin mux initialization
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx:TEMP: Create board support and enable...