am335x: lis33ldlh: Add accelerometer support to AM335X
[sitara-epos/sitara-epos-kernel.git] / arch /
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Cham335x: lis33ldlh: Add accelerometer support to AM335X
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Create an alias for sgx/gfx clock
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Create an alias for pruss clock
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizeram335x-evm: beta evm bringup changes for wlan and bt
2012-01-23 Vaibhav HiremathARM:omap:am33xx: routing CPSW interrupts via Timer
2012-01-23 Amit ShahARM:OMAP:AM33XX: Add PROFIBUS support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav HiremathARM:OMAP:AM33XX:pruss:Add platform specific changes...
2012-01-23 Amit ShahARM:DA850:pruss: Add platform specific changes for...
2012-01-23 Amit ShahARM:OMAP:AM33XX: Add AM33XX_IRQ_GPMC0 as gpmc_irq for...
2012-01-23 Goutam KumarAM335XEVM: Volume Keys Support Added.
2012-01-23 Goutam KumarAM335XEVM: Matrix GPIO Keypad support added
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizeram335x-evm: wl12xx pin mux detection between rev1.0...
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizerboard-am335xevm: changes for working with catalog wl127...
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizeram335x_evm_defconfig: do not activate bluetooth modules
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Chcan: d_can: Add D_CAN config to am335x_evm_defconfig
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Chcan: d_can: Add platform data for am33xx device
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:cpsw: Enable/Disable gig support for different...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap3:am33xx: HACK for bypassing RTC hwmod
2012-01-23 Afzal MohammedARM: plat-omap: Fix warnings
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar Guptausb: defconfig: add back VIDEO support
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:am335x: CPSW autonegotiates to 10 mbps for...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: TLK110 PHY support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am335x: Enable JTAG clock by default
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:debug: Add a config option for enabling JTAG clock
2012-01-23 Steve Kipiszarm:omap:am33xx: Add eeprom board detection logic for...
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: IA EVM low level debug
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Update the pinmux table for IA EVM
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: Add support for UART3 on IA EVM
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: Enable IA EVM build
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: Board support for AM335X IA EVM
2012-01-23 Afzal MohammedAM335XIAEVM: Update mach-id
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizermux335x: pin muxing additions for wlan and bluetooth
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizerarm:omap:am33xx: add platform support for wlan and...
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizeram335x-evm: add deconfig switches needed for wlan and bt
2012-01-23 Vaibhav BediaARM:omap3:am335x evm: Update defconfig for RTC driver
2012-01-23 Vaibhav BediaARM:omap3:am335x evm: Add support for RTC
2012-01-23 Sekhar NoriARM:omap3:am335x evm: update defconfig
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharm:omap:am335x: Enable m25p80 support in defconfig
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am335x - Support for SPI flash device is added
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:serial: Change MAX_HSUART_PORTS to 6
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:am33xx: CPSW fix for using macid from efuse
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: Register HSMMC Platform on AM335x EVM
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:hsmmc: Support new HSMMC IP Variant
2012-01-23 Patil, RachnaAM335X: Enable touchscreen driver in default am335x_evm...
2012-01-23 Manjunathappa, PrakashAM335X: Enable frame buffer and backlight driver in...
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: ASoC: Enable Audio support for AM335x
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: Register McASP Platform on AM335x EVM
2012-01-23 Hebbar, GururajaARM:davinci:mcasp: Support new McASP IP Variant
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:davinci:mcasp: Move McASP related defines to common...
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: Make Dummy Regulator default selected
2012-01-23 Jean-Christophe... Consolidate SRAM support
2012-01-23 Patil, RachnaAM335X: Avoid i2c pin mux setup.
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: ADD support for i2c-1 instance
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharch:arm:nand - Changing SPL and U-boot partition permi...
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharm:omap:nand - Enable BCH8 support
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharm:omap:am335x - Disabled JFFS2 filesystem support
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharch:arm:nand - ELM Module is added
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharch:arm:elm - updated Hardware mode data for ELM
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharm:omap:nand - Fix for NAND module build support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:nand - BCH ecc support added
2012-01-23 Parth Mauria Saxenaarm:omap:am335x - Selects HAMMING ECC scheme.
2012-01-23 Sugumar Natarajanarm:omap:am335x - Support for NAND flash device is...
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar Guptaarm: omap: am335xevm: enable usb in defconfig
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar Guptaam335x: add musb support
2012-01-23 Ravi Bmusb: cppi41: Fix multiple define of AUTOREQ and TD...
2012-01-23 Ravi Bmusb: Adding support for TI81XX platform
2012-01-23 Ravi Busb: nop: support for multi-nop tranceiver
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar GuptaAM3517: musb: undo pm changes affecting musb
2012-01-23 Ravi Bmusb: AM35x: Add CPPI4.1 DMA support
2012-01-23 Ravi Bcppi41: Move CPPI41 core to musb temporarily
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar Guptacppi41: adding CPPI4.1 DMA support
2012-01-23 Ravi Bmusb: select fifo_mode at runtime
2012-01-23 Arnd Bergmannusb: musb: allow building USB_MUSB_TUSB6010 as a module
2012-01-23 Patil, Rachnaarm:omap:am33xx: Add TSC driver board hookup
2012-01-23 Chandan NathAM335X: CPSW pinmux configuration. (SOC related)
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: reset support
2012-01-23 Manjunathappa, PrakashAM335X: Enable frame buffer and backlight driver in...
2012-01-23 Rajashekhara, Sudhakarda850: GLCD: Workaround for LCDC Underflow During Initi...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hiremathda8xx: Fix GLCD initialization sequence
2012-01-23 Vaibhav HiremathAM335X: Enable LCDC on AM335X
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Add LCDC platform hookup and init...
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: Add separate defconfig for AM335X
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: register edma platform
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:Kconfig: Add edma option
2012-01-23 SriramakrishnanTI81xx: (cust) Add SDMA to EDMA wrapper.
2012-01-23 Sundaram Rajuarm:omap:am33xx: Add support for EDMA
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: LCD backlight support
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:am33xx: add CPSW platform hookup support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap2plus: Enable ethernet driver (CPDMA, MDIO...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Update EVM Detection and handling
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: board_init pin mux initialization
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx:TEMP: Create board support and enable...
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: Add pin mux helpers
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:omap2plus: Enable AT24 EEPROM in defconfig
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:clock Remove duplicate macros from DPLL state
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Update defconfig to disable 32K_TIMER...
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: SoC type detection
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: add control_status register addr ...
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: Skip parts where cpu_is_omap34xx(...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Add am335x support in generic omap_hwmod