PWM: ecap: Clean the access method for PWMSS config space.
[sitara-epos/sitara-epos-kernel.git] / drivers / pwm /
2012-03-13 Philip, AvinashPWM: ecap: Clean the access method for PWMSS config...
2012-03-10 Philip, AvinashPWM: ehrpwm: Replace __raw [read/write] with read/write...
2012-02-09 Shankarmurthy, Akshaypwm:ehrpwm - Fix duty cycle inversion eHRPWM wave.
2012-02-09 Philip, Avinashpwm: corrects return values to handle error situation
2012-02-09 Philip, Avinashpwm: fix division by zero error.
2012-02-09 Philip, Avinashpwm: Correct the "request" SYSFS interface
2012-01-25 Afzal MohammedPWM:eCAP: Reconfigure only if frequency has changed
2012-01-24 Philip, Avinasharm:omap:am33xx - drive Haptics motor using eHRPWM...
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharm:omap:pwm - eCAP & ePWM driver in AM335X
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinashpwm: - Platform data is placed in common position
2012-01-23 Natarajan SugumareCAP:PWM: Add device driver support for eCAP module
2012-01-23 Natarajan SugumareHRPWM: Add device driver support for ehrpwm module
2012-01-23 Philip, AvinashPWM: Add cpu frequency transition support for PWM devices
2012-01-23 Natarajan SugumarPWM: Add helper APIs and sysfs entries to the PWM Frame...
2012-01-23 Bill GatliffPWM: Implement a generic PWM framework