2012-01-23 Thomas MeyerARM: edma: use kzalloc()
2012-01-23 Kulikov Vasiliyarm: edma: check irq2ctlr() result
2012-01-23 Sekhar Noriarm: edma: use BIT() wherever possible
2012-01-23 Sekhar Noriarm: edma: fix coding style issue related to usage...
2012-01-23 Sekhar Noriarm: edma: use a more intuitive name for edma_info
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm: am33xx: Add CPSW MII mac select support
2012-01-23 Philip, Avinasharm:omap:nand - Add support for suspend/resume
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar... usb: musb: ti81xx: auto vbus control across host and...
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar... usb: musb: ti81xx: allow board file to set usb mode...
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar... usb: musb: bring back if_h/p/o_enabled()
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar... usb: musb: cleanup the phy programming
2012-01-23 Manjunathappa... video: da8xx-fb: Follow reset sequence specified in...
2012-01-23 Manjunathappa... arm: am33xx: add GPIO backlight control hookup to LCD...
2012-01-23 Manjunathappa... video: da8xx-fb: Interface clock cleanup
2012-01-23 Patil, Rachnainput: TSC: Add support for suspend/resume
2012-01-23 Vaibhav BediaARM: OMAP: PRCM: Don't register PRCM chain handler...
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: fix for CPSW module build
2012-01-23 Vaibhav BediaARM: OMAP: AM33XX: Basic suspend resume support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav BediaARM: OMAP: Don't do anything in sram_init for now
2012-01-23 Vaibhav BediaARM: OMAP: Covert to device_initcall
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajacpsw: Merge cpsw modules to build as single driver
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajacpsw: fix for change MAC address using ifconfig
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Don't register McBSP
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Enable cpuidle in the defconfig
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Basic cpuidle support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am335x: Add cpuidle related board data
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Drop support for SERIAL_8250
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap: Add SRAM support for AM33xx
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Enable MBOX in defconfig
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap: Fix a bug in SRAM init code
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: HWMOD updates
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaomap: mailbox: Add an API for flushing the FIFO
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaomap: mailbox: Add support for AM33XX SoC
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaomap: mailbox: Fix the address calculation macros
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Register mailbox hwmod
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Don't register non-existent or unused...
2012-01-23 Manjunathappa... video: da8xx-fb: reset LCDC only if functional clock...
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am335x - Add support for UART 2
2012-01-23 Vaibhav HiremathMerge to hwmod data patch
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:omap: export omap_ctrl_writel()
2012-01-23 Manjunathappa... video: da8xx-fb: Add debug message on sync and underflo...
2012-01-23 Ravi Busb: musb: Fix for handling overcurrent condition in...
2012-01-23 Jeff Lancearm:omap:am335x: Enable Oprofile support on AM335x
2012-01-23 Vaibhav BediaOMAP: clock: am33xx specific API handling
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedmfd: TPS65910: Make usable even if interrupt unused
2012-01-23 Kyle Mannaregulator: TPS65910: Create an array for reg init data
2012-01-23 Kyle Mannaregulator: TPS65910: Move regulator defs to header
2012-01-23 Kyle Mannamfd: TPS65910: Move linux/gpio.h include to header
2012-01-23 Kyle Mannamfd: TPS65910: Fix typo that clobbers genirq
2012-01-23 Kyle Mannamfd: TPS65910: Add I2C slave address macros
2012-01-23 Kyle Mannamfd: TPS65910: Handle non-existent devices
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Cham335x: tsl2550: Add ambient light sensor support
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Cham335x: Add TI TMP275 temperature sensor support
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Cham335x: lis33ldlh: Add accelerometer support to AM335X
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Chlis3lv02d: Add STMicroelectronics lis33ldlh digital
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Create an alias for sgx/gfx clock
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: Create an alias for pruss clock
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hiremathvideo:da8xx: Replace dma_alloc_coherent tp get_free_pages
2012-01-23 Chandan NathARM:omap:am33xx: CPSW removes dmtimer re enabling
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizeram335x-evm: beta evm bringup changes for wlan and bt
2012-01-23 Chandan NathARM:omap:am33xx: Implement CPSW interrupt pacing functi...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav HiremathARM:omap:am33xx: routing CPSW interrupts via Timer
2012-01-23 Amit ShahARM:OMAP:AM33XX: Add PROFIBUS support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav HiremathARM:OMAP:AM33XX:pruss:Add platform specific changes...
2012-01-23 Amit ShahARM:DA850:pruss: Add platform specific changes for...
2012-01-23 Amit ShahARM:OMAP:AM33XX:pruss: Disable SRAM support in UIO_PRUSS
2012-01-23 Amit ShahARM:OMAP:AM33XX: Add AM33XX_IRQ_GPMC0 as gpmc_irq for...
2012-01-23 Goutam KumarAM335XEVM: Volume Keys Support Added.
2012-01-23 Goutam KumarAM335XEVM: Matrix GPIO Keypad support added
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizeram335x-evm: wl12xx pin mux detection between rev1.0...
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizerboard-am335xevm: changes for working with catalog wl127...
2012-01-23 Eyal Reizeram335x_evm_defconfig: do not activate bluetooth modules
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar... usb: musb: cppi41: Workaround fix for Tx fifo flush...
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Chcan: d_can: Add D_CAN config to am335x_evm_defconfig
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Chcan: d_can: Add platform data for am33xx device
2012-01-23 AnilKumar Chcan: d_can: Add support for Bosch D_CAN controller
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:cpsw: Enable/Disable gig support for different...
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:am33xx: Reverting gigabit disabling support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap3:am33xx: HACK for bypassing RTC hwmod
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar... usb: musb_core: kill all global and static variables
2012-01-23 Afzal MohammedARM: plat-omap: Fix warnings
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar... musb: ti81xx: kill global and static variable for multi...
2012-01-23 Paul E. McKenneyrcu: avoid build error for third-party modules
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar... usb: defconfig: add back VIDEO support
2012-01-23 Ajay Kumar... usb: ether_gadget: fix insmod panic after fsg rmmod
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:am335x: Corrects cpsw sa_lo and sa_hi offset
2012-01-23 Chandan Natharm:omap:am335x: CPSW autonegotiates to 10 mbps for...
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Hirematharm:omap:am33xx: TLK110 PHY support
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am335x: Enable JTAG clock by default
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:debug: Add a config option for enabling JTAG clock
2012-01-23 Ravi Bmusb:host: removing warning message while unable to...
2012-01-23 Ravi Bmusb:gadget: use pio mode for zero byte transfer in...
2012-01-23 Steve KipiszEnable bit15 in the maccontrol register for 100Mbps.
2012-01-23 Steve Kipiszarm:omap:am33xx: Add eeprom board detection logic for...
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: IA EVM low level debug
2012-01-23 Vaibhav Bediaarm:omap:am33xx: Update the pinmux table for IA EVM
2012-01-23 Hebbar, Gururajaarm:omap:am33xx: Add support for UART3 on IA EVM
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: Enable IA EVM build
2012-01-23 Afzal Mohammedarm:omap:am33xx: Board support for AM335X IA EVM
2012-01-23 Afzal MohammedAM335XIAEVM: Update mach-id