2017-07-13 Peter Liupdate for broadcasting mode and PRAM checksum master
2016-12-26 a0220410update end-system tuning
2016-11-02 a0220410fix bug in broadcast mode
2016-11-01 a0220410update for broadcast mode
2016-09-09 a0220410disable the old ALSA function
2016-08-19 a0220410update PPC3 version for "Driver version field" in tas25...
2016-08-18 a0220410add examples for dai_link and dts
2016-08-18 a0220410add stereo as keyword for ALSA
2016-08-10 a02204101. update driver to support "Driver Firmware Version...
2016-07-22 a0220410update tiload for in-system tuning
2016-07-04 a0220410update for device bulk access and in-system tuning
2016-07-03 a0220410stereo solution first commit