descriptionTAS2555 software for Android Linux - Driver for Android Linux kernel.
last changeMon, 13 Aug 2018 02:22:48 +0000 (10:22 +0800)
2018-08-13 Tracy Yiadd support for PPC3 TAS2555 app v3.1.13 beta4 : appmod... master
2017-06-19 Peter Lichange IRQ trigger to level high
2017-05-11 Peter Liget PLL clock source from firmware PLL block
2017-04-06 Peter Lito remove DSP mode check and add PLL clock error detection
2017-02-26 Peter Lifix typo error in software reset, put delay after softw...
2017-02-23 Peter Lihandle unexpected reset event
2017-02-22 Peter Liadd firmware reload alsa command
2017-02-22 Peter Liupdate calculation to avoid overflow
2017-02-21 Peter Liupdate for fix bug in calibration firmware parsing
2017-02-20 Peter Lifix temperature read
2017-02-17 Peter Liadd command: failsafe, getDieTemperature
2017-02-16 Peter Liupdate for disable clock error detection
2017-02-15 Peter Liupdate: 1, IRQ handler; 2, error code; 3, Get Re
2017-02-02 Peter Liupdate for reading A1 and A2 for speaker F0 calculation
2017-01-27 Peter Liupdate for Re check and report
2017-01-25 Peter Liadd Re read (need to devide by 0x8000000)
4 years ago v2.0
2 years ago master